Alvin Drysdale track bicycle (c.1950s-NYC)
I'm told this is a genuine NYC-made Drysdale frameset,
by the Brooklyn Vintage Velodrome Wheelmen omnipotent despot.

Alvin Drysdale built lightweight bicycles in Manhattan,
working from the 1920s until the 1950s.
He made bikes with his own name, such as Drysdale Special,
and with other names including Alvin, Velox, and
possibly Ace and Red Devil, for "jobbers" or distributors
Jonas B. Oglaend Inc. and Otto C. Ling Co.

Alvin Drysdale's advert in The Cyclist Vol. 1, No. 1 published in May, 1936.
"Use Velox Bicycles, Custom-Built Racing and Lightweight Bicycles
Made by Alvin Drysdale, 550 Tenth Ave. New York City (Formerly at 456 38th St.)"
This model was probably made in his studio at 341 Canal Street.

Another 1936 advert of Drysdale's distributor, Jonas B. Oglaend, Inc.
Showing racing models Red Devil, Ace, Velox, and new Alvin.
Located at 12 Warren Street, in New York City,
Oglaend also offered Phillips and Philco bikes,
BSA parts and Brooks saddles.

Drysdale headbadge with worlds champion bands

Drysdale Special downtube decal