Giro d'Italia Bike Camp
Firenze & Maroista, Italy
14--21 May 2005

Taliah and I joined Carpenter/Phinney Bike Camp
to see the 88th Tour of Italy.

Part 1: Firenze
Part 2: Rossano Veneto & Maser
Part 3: Passo Duran

At the arrival of the 10th Tappa, in Rossano Veneto,
we had a bit of luck and got into the finish area and hospitality village.

Front row view at 85 meters to the finish line,
the peloton zooms into town (gruppo compatto)
three laps on a five kilometer circuit (giri).

It's the final thrust before a photo finish for McEwen (2 stage wins) and Petacchi (1 stage).
from left to right: Stuart O'Grady (4th place) behind Eric Zabel (3rd)
behind Robbie McEwen (1st) and Alessandro Petacchi (2nd).

A feast of colorful style: a chainwheel on a Wilier bicycle
and a pair of groupies' pink rosa scandals.

A splendid villa on the road to Asolo.
Our guide in this region, Leonard Zinn, points toward Mount Grappa.

Our guide in Florence, John Weisenreider (velos Peugeot),
his bike is an early Hampsten Strada Bianco.
Our guide to the Discovery Giro Team,
Dede Barry, pregnant (with son Liam) and climbing hills.
She rides a classic Mariposa, made by father-in-law Mike Barry.

Part 1: Firenze
Part 3: Passo Duran
© 2005 David Perry