San Francisco Grand Prix
George Hincapie - Fred Rodriguez - Lance Armstrong
Sunday, September 9, 2001.
It was George Hincapie's day in Bagdad by the Bay! He powered up Fillmore and Taylor St. climbs and beat a pair Saturns!! Including George, there were two Kissena cycling team members in the race!!!

Delayed in Palo Alto
by World Trade Center attack.
Tuesday, September 11 thru Sunday, September 15, 2001.
Thank goodness all our friends are safe and sound after the NYC World Trade Center attack, including Omri Ben Amos and Abdul Kabia who worked there. Bike Works NYC is about 3 kilometers from ground zero and we closed while Dave Perry and Taliah Lempert were delayed in Palo Alto, Northern California. Few jet planes were in the sunny skies making it difficult to fly home. At least those beautiful roads, Alpine, Kings Mt., Old La Honda, Stage, Moody were still there. Here's Taliah on Cañada Road. She counted over 150 flags in Palo Alto on Saturday.

What remains of the Trade Towers was still smoldering when Dave and Taliah returned home. Dave took a spin on his high-wheel bike to have a look around downtown. That bike really makes people smile. And bikes are still the best way to get around here.

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