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Bike Works NYC
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Bike Works NYC

Bikes for Cyclists
Bicycles make a better world and a joyful life. Bike Works is dedicated to making bikes work as best as possible, and displaying bike culture wherever.

About Bike Works NYC
The bicycle shop is moving from 106 Ridge Street, to 35 Broadway in Brooklyn. It's been an excellent run with the all-star Wrenches, serving almost every kind of bike repair for 20 years in the Lower East Side. I hope to be writing a new chapter in an already wonderful book!

New Hours!
Open by Appointment - More Available Hours - Beginning mid-January 2017
Contact at 646-812-2524

Where's 35 Broadway?
Bike Works NYC is now located at 35 Broadway 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11249 It's near the corner of Dunham Place, between Wythe and Kent.

Products & Services

Velo Orange Campeur
Bicycles & Frames

Bike Works sells all kinds of bicycles, in various makes, old and new.
Stuff for Sale
Wheels, Parts & Accessories

Bike Works offers all the wheels, components, handlebars, saddles, pedals, racks, fenders and lighting for a customized bicycle.
Professional Repairs
Bike Works offers expert repairs on most makes at reasonable rates. Let's hear us sing: My Bike Works!

Bike Fit
Bike fittings are offered by appointment. To find the proper sizes of your frame and components, to solve any physical problems, to improve your comfort and performance.

Cycling Clothing

Look out for a new line cycling t-shirts, caps, jerseys and gloves from Bike Works NYC - Bicycle Paintings.

Picture Archives

Archive Bicycles

Thousands of bicycles documented online since 2000. Bikes we've assembled, overhauled, tuned-up, or just looked at. Owned by our customers, friends, family and others.

Chainring Archive

Two pages of chainrings and chainwheels to see, plus the Chainwheel Kalidescope. We like them al dente and round as Pi.

Saddle Archive

Welcome bicycle seat sniffers! A collection of leather, anatomic, banana, carbon, plastic, titanium and hard-to-find bicycle seats from past to present.

What's New

Bicycle Roller Racing
Plenty of roller races to benefit NY Messengers, Trans Alt, Kissena, and CRCA Juniors.
Bike Cult Show
Bike Cult Shows

We've held the 2013 and 2014 Hand-Built Bicycle Shows, plus three mini shows in 2015-16: Ratio, Keirin & Hinged

Dave's Blog

Coming Soon-- Here's the fantastic events we've seen.

Bicycle Culture

Bike Cult

Bike Works is home to Dave Perry, author of Bike Cult. (New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 1995)

Bicycle Paintings

Taliah Lempert is bicycle paintings, prints, and custom bicycle portraits. Is happy to be a part of her life, visit studio page to see her latest works.

Dave Perry's Life

Look into Dave's life of bikes and cycling.