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Mail Order Info


Bike Works NYC is a small local bicycle shop, offering specialty and hard-to-find items.

Thanks to the needs of many in-store customers, we can handle only a limited number of mail orders.

Store Hours: Open Monday thru Saturday 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Sunday 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Update Tuesday, March 24 2015

What to order

Bike Works has a minimum mail order of $25.00.

Please order items listed only on these two pages:
Bicycles & Frames and Wheels, Parts & Accessories.

Items shown in Bike Works NYC Archive Bicycles, Chainring Archives, and Saddle Archive, are not for sale.

Many items can be sold only in the store. We are not an authorized Shimano internet dealer.

All prices shown on website are subject to change. In case of price change, notification will be made with order confirmation.

Placing an order

An order can be placed in two ways: call the shop at 212-388-1077 during store hours, or email the shop at bikeworks at bikecult.com

If you email an order or request an item, and it is not confirmed promptly, please consider the following: 1) The shop may be too busy to handle aother request. 2) The item is hard-to-find, even if it's available. 3) It's out-of-stock, until we and the suppliers can get it again. 4) The request is incomplete. Please try again with proper size, color & carfeful consideration.


Bike Works uses USPS, UPS and Fedex for shipping. insurance, delivery confirmation or tracking number are normally obtained for all shipments. Customers may waive insurance or tracking at their own risk.

-- THANKS --