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Ridge St. Wrenches Turf

Bike Works NYC

Home of the Ridge Street Wrenches

Ridge Street Wrenches

Warriors Alleycat Fun Ride
NYC: Bronx to Coney
August 24-25, 2002

Chain Whip & Lockring Spanner
Can You Dig It?
We Took Second by One Point!
Best Coed Gang!!

"If it's fixed, it ain't broke" ---Spike, Skid, eVile & Crank

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© 2002 bikecult.com & wrenches

Sunset Start in the Bronx: Squid said "Can you dig it?" Mayor Bloomberg said it ws OK. Then it rained on 83 gangs. 56 showed up at Coney.

Finish at Coney Island: Warrior Kevin "Squid" Bolger (center) crowded by Bay Area Cutters. Them shared "Best Costume Prize" with RAB's "Electric Something-or-Other"gang.

Train to Coney: Wrenches bikes. Almost ejected wannabe Wariors. No repsect for Warrior Rules. Smokin' cheap cigrettes on da' F train.

Local tine: 4:00 AM. Local bridge: Williamsburg. Local bar: BBQ & Track Standing. Local turf: Wrenches.

The Wrenches (left to right): Pops knows NYC like the MTA. Yacc always wins something. Taliah kept us in the race.

Man-Goat Gandy (Banditos) and eVile (Wrenches): Top two teams showed up everywhere together...

Track stand: Competition Hot! Specialists from Tokyo, Australia, London, & Cleveland!! Closed Kent Ave!!! Fuzzy just waved!!!! Someone won and eVile Wrench took 5th!!!!!