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Here are three pages of chainwheels and chainrings to see.

Chainwheels  Chainrings   Kalidescope

Update Thursday, 5 January 2017
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Chainring Artifacts

Chainring earrings in sterling silver by Jennifer Green, a miniature 52-tooth ring.

Nagasawa Original Clock

Uhrbaerenherz sprocket clock, signed by Jan Ullrich for charity

pendulum clock
Pendulum Desk Clock with chainwheels, cog and tire tube, from Resource Revival

Keirin sweatshirt commemorates 50 years of racing, a gift from Tak

Messenger jersey celebrates 10 years since Berlin 1993, worn by Craig

Chainring trophy for Stuart O'Grady at Hamburg World Cup

Chainrings on stage, at Giro d'Italia presentation

Chainwheels from Recycle-A-Bicycle window display at Barney's on Madison Avenue

Chainring Tattoos

Chainring tattoo, the real thing (not me!)

Chainring tat, designed by Sky Yeager, with Bianchi socks.

Chainwheel tattoo project on Joel Metz's right arm, documented at blackbird.org

Chainring Head, at Monster Track NYC 2005.

Double Reduction

Entering the realm of high-speed cycling, where double chain-drive systems increase gear ratios.

John Howard's Land Speed Record bike by Skip Hijsak, with step-gear double chainrings.

Varna Diablo HPV double drive (Canada)

Chainring Unobtanium

Another Holy Grail. Try to find the 144-bcd chainring with fewer than 41 teeth

Campagnolo Super Record 39-tooth 144-bcd ring. A rare prototype, modified from standard 42-tooth 144-bcd

Campagnolo C-Record 35-tooth 144-bcd ring. Digitized by "Danny Rebound"

Bent Crank Arms

As long as the distance from crank axle to pedal is fixed, there is no pedaling advantage in using bent crank arms

Bent arm version of 5-pin track crank

P.M.P. pedal crank (Italy)

Cotterless, Three-Piece Chainrings

Three-piece cranks, or Cotterless cranks, have two crank arms pressed and bolted to the crank axle, hence three pieces. Chainrings are usually interchangeable in this format, offering more options for touring and racing cyclists. Interchangeable rings are bolted onto the crank arm's spider arms, like a spider or tentacles of a star fish, with chainring bolts and, if necessary, chainring bolt spacers. There are three-, four-, five-, and six-spider arms, with many sizes of chainring bolt circle diameter (bcd).

Magistroni Super Zenith (Italy)

Rene Herse triple (France)

Stronglight 49 (France) with original chainrings

"A hand-made gadget by a certain Japanese enthusiast." Stronglight 49 crankarms with spoked-wheel spider armature, made of thin spokes (1.2mm diameter), with 51- and 45-tooth Simplex chainrings, on a custom Toei bike

Stronglight 57 (France)

Stronglight tandem

Stronglight Competition (France)

Stronglight double (France)

Stronglight single with chainguard (France)

Stronglight-T.A. track chainring, 68-tooth 144-bcd, on SunTour Superbe Pro cranks

Stronglight Ultim track crankset with carbon arms and alloy ring (France)

Specialites T.A. (Traction Avant) founded by Georges Navet in 1947

T.A. mascot FIFI (France)

T.A. track (France)

T.A. track (France)

T.A. tandem triple (France)

T.A. tandem triple (France)

T.A. tandem triple half-step gearing (France)

T.A. 72-tooth (France)

"Trusty" Viscount (Great Britain) aka Lambert

Cannondale Coda triple (USA)

Cannondale Coda racing (USA)

The latest bling: carbon black

F.S.A. carbon compact crankset (Taiwan) with 50-34 tooth rings


Campagnolo Pista sleeve (Italy)

Campagnolo Pista 151-bcd 50-tooth (verso)

Campagnolo Pista 151-bcd 50-tooth (recto)

Campagnolo Pista teeth (recto)

Campagnolo Pista crank with 144-bcd and 151-bcd

Dual bolt pattern detail

Campagnolo Grand Sport (Italy)

Campagnolo BMX gold (Italy)

Campagnolo 50th Anniversary double (Italy)

Campagnolo 50th Anniversary signed by Tullio Campagnolo

Campagnolo Super Record 52-tooth with Ernesto Colnago pantograph (Italy)

Campagnolo Super Record with Colnago pantograph (Italy

Colnago six pin crank with pantograph rings (Italy)

Masi pantograph (Italy)

Campagnolo Record double with chainguard (Italy)

Campagnolo Super Record 42-tooth with chainguard (Italy)

ICS special edition crankset, enhanced Campagnolo SR components with 18-carat, 5-micron gold-plated finish, and chain retainers (Italcicli Cycle Systems - Swiss).

Detail of patented ICS chainring guide.

Campagnolo CR ten-spider arm (Classic Rendezvous)

Saavedra crankset (Argentina)

Tomity carbon-look track ring for Keirin (Japan)

Campy crank with Tiso Team Cofidis TT ring and front derailleur.

F.S.A. track crank (Taiwan)

Red Race Face crankset with Spot ring guard

Salsa bash guard on TruVativ cranks, with 24-tooth trials ring.

Shimano, Sugino, SunTour, Sakae & SRM

Shimano 2004 Dura-Ace crankset (Japan) a new lightweight two-piece design.

Shimano Dura-Ace 56-tooth (Japan)

Shimano Dura-Ace 10mm track 50-tooth (Japan)

Detail of Dura-Ace 10mm system

Shimano Dura-Ace track (Japan)

Shimano Biopace 52-tooth optimized for 90 rpm (Japan), we say bee-oh pa-che!

Shimano Biopace 42-tooth optimized for 60 rpm (Japan)

Shimano Biopace fix-gear (Japan) with hardware supply chainring bolts

Shimano Integra FF Front Freewheel (Japan) with chainguard

Shimano Deore triple 42-32-22, with rare 4-arm, 104 and 64 bcd rings

SR drilled (Japan)

Sugino Cubit (Japan)

Sugino Grand Mighty (Japan)

Sugino Zen (Japan)

Sugino track ring 61-tooth (Japan)

Sun Tour Superbe Pro track (Japan)

SunTour Superbe Pro double as single-speed with guard (Japan)

SunTour Rondtech road (Japan)

Middleburn triple cranks on a Windcheetah recumbent trike (Great Britain)

Rotor four-bolt double rings (Spain)

SRM Powermeter (Germany) Team Telekom pro edition

SRM Powermeter (Germany) "Mapei-not" amateur edition

Customized oval-shape O,symetric chainrings, seen on Paris-Nice winning Team-CSC Cervelo time trial bike of Bobby Julich.

Another view of O,symetric chainrings attached to SRM cranks.