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Bicycle Saddle Archive

A selection of bicycle seats to sniff.
Leather Hammock Saddles | Anatomic Saddles | Banana Seats |
Hard To Find Saddles | Decorative Plastic Saddles |
Springy Mattress Saddles | Fast Saddles
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Update Thursday, 9 January 2020

Leather Hammock Saddles

Leather forming
Leather-forming press at Brooks Saddles

brass-rivet nose
Peened brass rivet on the nose
of a Brooks Professional saddle.

Brooks B33
Mammoth Brooks B33 (England), on John's verdant Atlantis masterpiece.

Super-size Brooks B90/3 saddle (England).

"There may be a better land where bicycle saddles are made of rainbow, stuffed with cloud;

In this world the simplest thing is to get used to something hard."

--Jerome K. Jerome (1900)

Tim Dawson saddle
Original and restored 1890s Raleigh saddle made by Tim Dawson.

Tim Dawson saddle
Custom Brooks B17 by Tim Dawson.

Brooks B5N
Dimpled Brooks B5N (England), on Karl's orange LeMond audax velo.

Pre-Softened Brooks Professional saddle.

Engraved and painted saddle by Kara Ginther seen at NABS 2010.

Brooks sheep
Brooks B33 with sheepskin cover, on Jeremy's black Raleigh curb-basher.

G. Berthoud saddle
Gilles Berthoud Aravis cork-color leather saddle (Pont de Vaux, France) on Bogart's Bologna.

G. Berthoud saddle
Instead of rivets, Berthoud saddles have flat srews and engraved washers with serial number on the nose.

Lepper Voyager
Lepper Voyager
Lepper Voyager (Netherlands), with rails made of Reynolds 531.

Pedersen hammock
Suspended Pedersen hammock (Denmark), in mint condition on Rick's mauve Christiana Pedersen.

Pedersen woven
Restored Pedersen saddle (Denmark), woven with green cord.

Rubber-covered Denfeld tractor saddle, on a blue Norwegian DBS Classic.

High-Wheel repro
Reproduced high-wheel saddle, with matching saddlebag.

Spring-loaded YK saddle (CCCP), on a black Ukraina roadster.

No. 769
Number 769 hand-tied hammock, on a black Swiss Army bike.

Ideale 6
Ideale Model 6 (France), Short and wide from a folding bike.

Rideable Replica vintage saddle.

Mansfield racing saddle (England), on the metalic-gray NYC-made Dick Power track bike.

Super-narrow Selle Italia (Italy), from the time of Fausto's celeste Bianchi.

Well-aged saddle of Antonio Maspes
seven-time Pro World Sprint Champ (1955-64).

Anatomic Saddles

Christy Anatomic
Old bones on the Christy Anatomic (USA).

Sausage-shape Bunker saddle (USA), from 19th Century anatomic craze, or was it 20th Century?

1890s Crescent saddle (USA).

Jarvis regency
1890s Jarvis saddle (USA), with boneshaker-style spiral nose.

Bench-like Bummer Seat, able to swivel fore and aft.

Solution bicycle seat
A roll-shaped nose-less Solution Bcycle Seat.

Easy Seat
Sheepskin-covered Easy Seat, features pivoting pelvic pads.

A variation of the dual pod seat, suporting only the sit bones, the Spiderflex saddle.

Another one with a bit more rear end support, the BiSaddle.

Anatomic Terry Liberator saddle, on Phoenix's white Carrera.

Anatomic Look saddle (France)
with see-thru gel chamber.

Fluid gel
Cross-section of Fluid gel saddle.

Super long saddles with padded socks.

Extra-large exercise seat from Schwinn (USA).

Banana Seats

Flaming Hot Wheels saddle, from Charlie's mantle.

Gold Star an Red Paisley Banana seat
Gold star on red paisley banana seat, with blood-red Alligator skin sissy bar, from Jesse's multi-pattern Sting Ray.

Schwinn Converse
Schwinn-approved Converse sneaker, found among piles of swag.

Raleigh Chopper
No Passengers
Award-winning Raleigh Chopper saddle, on Dave's purple one, with Consumer Product Safety Commission message: "This bicycle is not constructed to carry passengers."

St. Tropez
Chopper saddle with Hitchhiker backrest, on a black St. Tropez mojocycle.

Hipster-proud Western Flyer banana
at a valet bicycle parking lot.

Hard to Find Saddles

Custom fit "hands-on" saddle.

Rare Ideale saddle commemorates Space Shuttle Columbia.

Oppenhaim's Untitled
Untitled (Bee swarm) photograph, by Meret Oppenheim, 1977.

Picasso's Bull's Head
Bull's Head (Tete de Toro), bronze sculpture by Pablo Picasso, 1943.

A variation of that theme: Saddle Skull.

Soot-covered saddle
World Trade Center, September 2001, on Mark's mountain bike.

Britany's seat
Spanking-new gel saddle
on Britany Spear's red Trek bike, signed with a heart.

Limited-edition Ayatollah Khomeni banana seat

Super-set-back Bauer saddle, made for acrobatic cycling.

Pint-sized Trials saddle, designed to jump real high.

Battery-powered seat heater.

Toilet trike.

Sunflower-pattern upholstered saddle cover from Egypt.

Decorative Plastic Saddles

Classic Unicatinor saddle (Italy), from Michael's Holdsworth Pro.

Super-Classic Unicanitor saddle,
Louis Vuitton edition
from Tomity Keirin (Japan).

Rolls hide
Leather-grain Selle San Marco Rolls perch, from some poor animal's hide.

A Rolls in white and gold, on Taliah's pink road bike.

Another Rolls in white and nickel, on John's green & white J.P. Weigle road bike.

Turbo WC
Selle Italia Turbo World Champion, on Dave's Guerciotti road bike.

Natural suede Cinelli saddle, with matching VIP handlebars, on Dave's Bob Jackson Legend.

Patent-leather cover
Patent-leather cover
Slick patent-leather cover, from Nat's handmade collection.

Turbo Hinault
Turquoise suede Sella Italia Turbo, with Bernard Hinault signature.

Breathable leather-covered Soffatti Professionale Prestige saddle from Spain.

Pink Polka Dots
Pink Polka Dot Concor saddle.

Rush 99
99 Rush saddle (China).

Eye-popping JarJar saddle.

Springy Mattress Saddles

Plaid-pattern French saddle
on a Jacques Anquetil folding bike.

Thread-bare Phoenix saddle (Shanghai).

Wicker-webbed 1890s Messinger saddle (USA).

Flying Pigeon
Celeste-colored Chinese saddle, on Tom Brokaw's black Flying Pigeon, used in secretive TV-report, of 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising.

Vasad platform
Skirt-friendly ROK Vasad saddle (Netherlands), on a black ladies Batavus Flying Dutchman.

Legnano springer
Stylish hide-top Legnano saddle (Italy), on Mark's burgundy roadster.

Overman hammock
Vintage leather & spring saddle, on Rob's midnight blue Overman safety.

Out for a ride today I stopped for a pit stop leaning my bike against a gate into a field. I noticed something in the hedgerow and being the nosy type I went to have a look. After a minute or so I heard a noise, but took no notice. When I stood up, I noticed a horse leaning over the gate and licking my saddle. I went up to the gate and shood the horse away, used my sleeve to wipe away the saliva and noticed the bloody thing had taken a bite out of my saddle.

Mold-growing Lepper saddle, on an Amsterdamer rijwiel.

Tire-tread topped cycle-rickshaw drivers seat on a taxi in India.

Fast Saddles

Eagle saddle
Monstertrack winning Eagle saddle, on Squid's flame blue Merckx pista.

Brilliant Selle Italia Flite Gel, on Mike's titanium Serotta roadster.

Flite Carbon
Polished top Sella Italia Flite Carbon, on Ben's minimalist road rig.

Padded carbon-fibre bucket seat, on Ken's Seat-of-the-Pants Windcheeetah recumbent trike.

Heavyweight champ Rolls (Italy), on Kirk's red Corima Cougar sprinter.

San Marco Concor Supercorsa
San Marco Concor Supercorsa
Awesome Selle San Marco Concor Supercorsa, with a touch of lumbar support.

Performance enhancing Hi-Back Selle, banned in the early 1980s.

Selle Italia
Super-hi back Selle Italia launch pad, seen in 1991 TdF prologue and subsequently banned by UCI.

Hi-back Selle Italia ridden by Luc "Stuart" Leblanc, champion of France and the World.

Slender Giro Niscene saddle (USA), named for Forest of Niscene Marks, otherwise known as Forest of Obscene Remarks.

Ullrich TT
Wind-breaking saddle, on Jan's pink-black Pinarello.

Marco "The Pirate" Pantani saddle, by Sella Italia.

This fi'zi:k Arione is called "Simeoni's saddle," as way to make fun of Lance Armstrong.