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Bike Works NYC
Bicycle Roller Racing Machine

"JO" was fastest man on the rollers
until we took 'em to Philly!

2001 Events
Rolling On The Spot II, Rock Star Bar, Brooklyn;
Rolling On The Spot I, NYC Bike Week, Rock Star Bar, Brooklyn;
NYC Bicycle Show, World Trade Center, Manhattan

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Update Thursday, March 11, 2004
Rolling on the Spot II - immaculate conception
Rock Star Bar, Brooklyn
Saturday December 8, 2001

immaculate conception was our latest event. 15 cards entered, 11 kings and 4 queens. A few jokers got on the rollers for the first time. Here's Amanda holding Jesse.
photos © Dave Perry

Start of the Road Bike Final with Pat, in green, and Gandy, with hat. The race ended in a tie for first, between Pat and Jared. Race promoter Craig Barnes is holding Pat.

Taliah won the Womens' race and Maggie almost caught her.
This one-minute movie mpeg shows the entire race.

Here's Brian, of Kissena Cycling Club, before he stuck his tongue at the camera.


1. Taliah Lempert
2. Maggie Bowman
3. Kerri Martin
4. Jade

1. (tie) Jared Bunde
1. (tie) Pat Dunaway
3. Brian Grundstrom
4. Jason Gandy

1. Jon Orcutt, 53 x 12
2. Jaime, 48 x 14
3. Mike D., 48 x 16
4. Omri Ben-Amos, 46 x 15

1. Jon Orcutt, 3:21
2. Brian Grundstrom
3. Pat Dunaway
4. Hermes Costell, 4:24
5. Victor
6. Jaime


1. Jon Orcutt, track, 15.12
2. Pat Dunaway, road, 16.09
3. Jared Bunde, road, 16.50
4. Brian Grundstrom, road, 16.54
5. Jason Gandy, road, 17.22
6. Victor, road, 17.35
7. Hermes Costell, road, 19.04
8. Craig Barnes, road, 19.10
9. Maggie Bowman, road, 21.00
10. Taliah Lempert, track, 21.28
11. Jaime, track, 22.07
12. Mike D., track, 23.15
13. Omri Ben-Amos, track, 23.38
14. Kerri Martin, road, 24.34
15. Jade, track, 26.97 (on a 650c wheel!)

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New York City Bicycle Show
World Trade Center, Manhattan
Friday and Saturday May 4-5, 2001

Here's Dave at the Bike Works NYC booth in the WTC.

Rolling on the Spot
NYC Bike Week, Tranportation Alternatives
Rock Star Bar, Brooklyn
Saturday May 12, 2001
Photos by Emily Chan

Amy Gibb won the women's race!

Kevin Bolger and Craig Barnes.

Rollout #1 - Brooklyn

You can tell we had a great time. Just look at Amanda. About 10 riders got on rollers for the first time. We set up the Cortina and Big Yankee rollers for practice, and many riders needed some kind of support chair or crate. photo © Taliah Lempert

Jared, Squid & Amy. These three rode the Goldsprint at Zurich. Squid and Amy were the honchos behind Metropoloco. Here you can see how the Barelli rollers are higher from the ground than most. Getting on and off with typical cycling cleats is pretty slippery. We had quite a few falls and broke one of the roller belts. Those are easier to replace than the dial belts. Sometimes one rider would fall and others would follow like dominos. photo © Taliah Lempert

Our first races--almost. Yac's on the left in polka dots riding Jared's Cannon, I'm in the middle on the Nishiki TT bike with a 68-tooth chainring!. That bike makes the dial go round in a hurry. I thought it was cool to wear a long-sleeve wool jersey and hairnet helmet. Hermes (on the right) is another one of the wizards of Metropoloco who rode at Zurich. We held a series of heats after everyone was worn out, and Yac won as usual. photo © Taliah Lempert

Our Hostess, Taliah Lempert warms up the rollers before the action begins.