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Bicycle Roller Racing Machine

Chris Hensel (Phila) and Heather Tyner (DC)
won the races and tickets to Copenhagen!

2002 Events
Road to Nowhere I, Philadelphia;
NYC Bicycle Show, Penn Plaza Pavilion, Manhattan;
NYC Rolls On, New York Hall of Science, Queens

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Update Thursday, March 11, 2004
Road To Nowhere
Philadelphia, PA
Saturday June 8, 2002

Philadelphia Bike Messenger Association hosted roller racing the night before the US PRO Championship and Liberty Classic road races. Promoter Wendy Fallin lined-up race announcer Richard Fries of the Ride Magazine and sponsorship from Mavic, Briko, Selle San Marco, Reload Bags, Nordbrau Brew, Frankenstein Bike Works, Vespid Couriers, Sweet Skinz Tires, Drivesports, and yours truly, Bike Works NYC.

Diana Oviedo (Philly) and Heather Tyner (DC) in the Women's Sprint Final. Heather won the Sprint and Pursuit races, earning first prize--round-trip tickets to Copenhagen for the Cycle Messenger World Championships in September.

Altay Akgun (Phila) set a new speed record! With a sprint qualifying time of 14:03 seconds for 500 meters, Altay's average speed was 125 kph or 78 mph! That's what T-Town Velodrome can do for you.

Men's Sprint Final start was tense. Left to right: Altay (red), Nicholas (green), Matt (blue) & Chris (black).

Men's Sprint Final was a photo-finish. Altay (red) held off the field for most of the race, until Chris (black) caught and passed him just after the line. In the heat of the moment the Referee named red winner and nobody protested. Chad's video confirmed it was too close to judge.

Womens Sprint Qualifying - 500-meter flying start
1Taliah Lempert (Brooklyn) 53x1218.99 sec
2Diana Oviedo (Phila) 53x1219.32
3Heather Tyner (DC) 53x1319.43
4Stacy Elmer (NYC) ??21.61
5Stephane Stago (Phila) 53x1222.13
6Amy Bolger (Brooklyn) 53x1222.54

Womens Sprint Semi-Finals - 1000-meter standing start
Race 1
1Heather Tyner (DC) 39.92 sec
2Taliah Lempert (Brooklyn)
3Amy Bolger (Brooklyn)
Race 2
1Diana Oviedo (Phila) 44.05
2Stacy Elmer (NYC)
3Stephane Stago (Phila)

Womens Sprint Final - 1000-meter standing start
1Heather Tyner (DC) 39.37 sec
1Diana Oviedo (Phila)

Mens Sprint Qualifying - 500-meter flying start
1Altay Akgun (Phila) 53x1214.03 sec
2Matt Bartlett (Phila) 60x1114.92
3Chris Hensel (Phila) 53x1115.12
4Nicholas Atkins (Baltimore) 53x1215.28
5Julius Reeves (Phila) 53x1115.75
6Misha Kwasuiewski (Phila) 53x1215.92
7Chita Williams (Phila) 53x1117.08
8Corey Hilliard (Phila) 53x1117.37
9Andy Zalan (DC) ??17.43
10Eric Ginsburg (Phila) 53x1217.57
11Craig Barnes (Brooklyn) 53x1218.46
12Matt Hopper (Columbus) 49x1218.67
13Kevin Bolger (Brooklyn) 49x1218.91
14Dedric Helgert (DC) 53x1119.32
15Rob Tell (Brooklyn) 47x1219.34
16Stephen Reingold (Phila) 53x1620.80
17Chad Selberg (Brooklyn) 49x1221.37
18Dan Scheidler (Columbus) 52x1721.87
19Thomas Woody (Phila) 46x1724.98

Mens Sprint Semi-Finals - 1000-meter standing start
Race 1
1Altay Akgun (Phila) 33.10 sec
2Nicholas Atkins (Baltimore)
3Julius Reeves (Phila)
4Corey Hilliard (Phila)
Race 2
1Chris Hensel (Phila) 32.6
2Matt Bartlett (Phila)
3Misha Kwasuiewski (Phila)
4Chita Williams (Phila)

Mens Sprint Finals - 1000-meter standing start
1Altay Akgun (Phila) 33.07 sec
1Chris Hensel (Phila) 33.08
2Nicholas Atkins (Baltimore) 33.18
3Matt Bartlett (Phila) 33.30

Womens Pursuit Final - 5 kilometer standing start
1Heather Tyner (DC) 3:42 min:sec
2Kim LeMonde (Phila) 4:26
3Diana Oviedo (Phila) 4:27
4Stephane Stago (Phila) 4:39
5Amy Bolger (Brooklyn) 5:20
6Stacy Elmer (NYC) 5:25

Mens Pursuit Qualifying - 5 kilometer standing start
Race 1
1Chris Hensel (Phila) 3:16 min:sec
2Nicholas Atkins (Baltimore) 3:19
3Thomas Woody (Phila) 4:08
4Chad Selberg (Brooklyn) 4:24
Race 2
1Misha Kwasuiewski (Phila) 3:34
2Altay Akgun (Phila) 3:36
3Craig Barnes (Brooklyn) 4:20
4Eric Ginsburg (Phila) 4:28
Race 3
1Matt Bartlett (Phila) 3:24

Mens Pursuit Final - 5 kilometer standing start
1Chris Hensel (Phila) 3:14 min:sec
2Nicholas Atkins (Baltimore) 3:25
3Matt Bartlett (Phila) 3:26
4Misha Kwasuiewski (Phila) 3:34

Womens Omnium Final
1Heather Tyner (DC)
2Diana Oviedo (Phila)
4Stephane Stago (Phila)
5Amy Bolger (Brooklyn)
6Stacy Elmer (NYC)

Mens Omnium Final
1Chris Hensel (Phila)
2Nicholas Atkins (Baltimore)
3Matt Bartlett (Phila)
4Altay Akgun (Phila)
5Misha Kwasuiewski (Phila)

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Road To Nowhere
Philadelphia, PA
Saturday June 8, 2002

Chris Hensel (Phila) 1st place

Nicholas Atkins (Baltimore) 2nd place

Taliah Lempert (Brooklyn)

Matt Bartlett (Phila)

Amy Bolger (Brooklyn)

Corey Hilliard (Phila)

Stacy Elmer (NYC)
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NYC Rolls On 2002
New York Hall of Science, Queens
Saturday March 2, 2002

The Great Hall is a splendid venue for roller racing. The Hall of Science hosted this event on the closing weekend of the special exhibit, The Bicycle Takes Off 1865-1900 From Boneshaker to Boom. We had a decent turnout that included New York's globe-trotting messenger racers, Felipe, Gandy, and Sqid. Coming from the UK were Dominic Stobart and Crissima Pearce, winner of the Metropoloco 2000 Gold Sprint. And we saw the Recycle-A-Bicycle youth racing team, with Denny De Los Angeles having a successful debut.

Amy Bolger and Crissima Pearce in the Women's Track Bike Sprint Final. The green and blue dial hands show how close this battle was fought. The Women's Road Bike Sprint was even closer, ending in a tie between Taliah Lempert and Karen Overton.

Set up for the Mens Road Bike Sprint Final there's Dan Lim, Denny de los Angeles, Rob Tell and Jon Orcutt.

Larry Hoff of the Morning News Show did a live TV preview of the roller races, and Kissena Cycling Team showed Larry how to ride rollers.


1. [tie] Taliah Lempert 22.53
1. [tie] Karen Overton
3. Kerri Martin
1. Crissima Pearce
2. Amy Bolger


1. Pat Dunaway, 16.57
2. Dan Lim
3. Hermes Costell
4. Felipe
1. Jon Orcutt, 15.97
2. Denny de los Angeles
3. Dan Lim
4. Rob Tell

1. Jon Orcutt
2. Dan Lim
3. Hermes Costell
4. Rob Tell

1. Karen Overton
2. Amy Bolger
DNF Kerri Martin
DNF Crissima Pearce


1. Jon Orcutt, track, 15.13
2. Pat Dunaway, road, 15.35
3. Denny De Los Angeles, track, 16.34
4. Dan Lim, track, 16.93
5. Hermes Costell, road, 18.03
6. Rob Tell, track, 19.28
7. Felipe, road, 20.00
8. Karen Overton, road, 20.07
9. Jason Gandy, track, 20.56
10. Dominic Stobart, track, 20.69
11. Taliah Lempert, road, 20.97
12. Kerri Martin, road, 21.05
13. Amy Bolger, track, 21.81
14. Crissima Pearce, track, 22.50
15. Kevin Bolger, track, 23.53
16. Chad Selberg, track, 23.75

NYC Bicycle Show 2002
Penn Plaza Pavilion, Manhattan
May 2002

Paul Curly (World TEAM) and Erich Gross (Kissena CC) made a good match race.

Left to right, Dave Perry (Kissena), Paul Curly (World TEAM), Erich Gross (Kissena), and fast-guy Jon Orcutt (Kissena).

Rush hour spectators on the outside looking in.
Place your bet with guy on left.

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