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Bicycle Roller Racing Machine

Robert Wittkuhn (Dresden) won the 2nd edition

2003 Events
Road to Nowhere II, Philadelphia
Kissena Roller Racing Series

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Update Thursday, March 11, 2004
Road To Nowhere
Philadelphia, PA
Saturday June 7, 2003

We returned for the 2nd Annual Road to Nowhere held this year at the Independence Brew Pub, 1150 Filbert Street. Promoter Wendy Fallin lined-up race announcer Richard Fries of the Ride Magazine and sponsors Abbraccio, Bike Magazine, Breakaway Bikes, Chub Hub, Dansko, Frankenstein Bike Works, Mavic, Reload Bags, Rudy Project, Selle San Marco, Speedplay, and Sweetskinz.

Taliah Lempert (NYC) photo © Amy Bolger

Ghost Rider Kevin Squid Bolger (NYC) hands down style king.

Fastest qualifier Julius Reeves (Phila) with race announcer Rich Fries of The Ride Zine.

Mens Sprint Qualifying
500-meter flying start
1Julius Reeves (Phila) 53x1114.62
2Matt Bartlett (Phila) 62x1115.15
3Robert Wittkuhn (Dresden) 53x1115.62
4Pat Gaffney (Phila) 53x1215.74
5Andy Zalan (Wash DC) 52x14 FIX16.44
6Chitah Williams (Phila) 53x1116.90
7Joe Smith (Phila) 53x1316.93
8Kevin Squid Bolger (NYC) 52x12 FIX17.88
9Stephan Breese (??) ??18.05
10Francois Bureau (Montreal) ??18.13
11Corey Hilliard (Phila) 53x11 FIX18.29
12John Caillouette (NYC) FIX18.39
13Rob Tell (NYC) 47x12 FIX18.49
14Michael Sanders (??) 54x1319.62
15Omri Ben Amos (NYC) FIX20.47
16Jackson Morihara (Phila) 49x15 FIX22.44
17Chris Heinrich (??) ??23.05
18Eric Young (??) 52x1623.75
19Chris Rogers (??) 49x15 FIX23.84
20Shawn Bega (Wash DC) 53x1224.03
21Edward Smith (Phila) ??24.17

Womens Sprint Qualifying
500-meter flying start
1Andrea Andy Session (Phila) 53x1216.01
2Taliah Lempert (NYC) 53x1420.42
3Jaclyn Suave (Phila) 53x1220.65
4Stacy Elmer (DC) 47x14 FIX21.63
5Amy Bolger (NYC) 47x12 FIX22.09
6Juliet Shen (Phila) 53x15 FIX23.73

Mens Sprint Semi-Finals
500-meter standing start
Race 1 Open
1Julius Reeves (Phila) 16.45 sec
2Robert Wittkuhn (Dresden)
3Kevin Squid Bolger (NYC) FIX
4Chitah Williams (Phila)
Race 2 Open
1Matt Bartlett (Phila) 17.12
2Pat Gaffney (Phila)
3Andy Zalan (DC) FIX
4Joe Smith (Phila)
Race 3 Fixed
1John Caillouette (NYC)
2Francois Bureau (Montreal)
3Rob Tell (NYC)
4Cory Hilliard (Phila)

Womens Sprint Semi-Finals
500-meter standing start
Race 1 Fixed
1Stacy Elmer (DC) 23.27 sec
2Amy Bolger (NYC)
3Juliet Shen (Phila)
Race 2 Freewheel
1Andrea Sessions (Phila) 18.11
2Taliah Lempert (NYC)
3Jaclyn Suave (Phila)

Mens Sprint Final
1000-meter standing start
1Robert Wittkuhn (Dresden) 34.33 sec
2Pat Gaffney (Phila)
3Julius Reeves (Phila)
4Matt Bartlett (Phila)

Womens Sprint Final
1000-meter standing start
1Andrea Sessions (Phila) 37.58 sec
2Stacy Elmer (DC)

Endurance Semi-Finals
5000-meter standing start
Race 1 Open
1Chitah Williams (Phila)
2Shwammy (Phila)
3Jaclyn Suave (Phila)
4Julius Reeves (Phila)
Race 2 Open
1Robert Wittkuhn (Dresden)
2Pat Gaffney (Phila)
3Matt Bartlett (Phila)
4Joe Smith (Phila)

Endurance Final
5000-meter standing start
1Robert Wittkuhn (Dresden)
2Chitah Williams (Phila)
3Pat Gaffney (Phila)
4Shwammy (Phila)

Mens Omnium Final
1Robert Wittkuhn (Dresden)
2Pat Gaffney (Phila)
3Chitah Williams (Phila)
4Matt Bartlett (Phila)
5Julius Reeves (Phila)
6Andy Zalan (DC)1st FIXED-GEAR
7Kevin Squid Bolger (NYC)2nd FIXED-GEAR
DFLShawn Bega (DC)

Womens Omnium Final
1Jaclyn Suave (Phila)
2Andrea Session (Phila)
3Stacy Elmer (DC)1st FIXED-GEAR
4Taliah Lempert (NYC)
5Amy Bolger (NYC)2nd FIXED-GEAR

Road To Nowhere
Philadelphia, PA
Saturday June 7, 2003

Robert Wittkuhn (Dresden) Mens' Omnium winner

Jaclyn Suave (Phila) Women's Omnium wineer

Matt Bartlett (Phila)...

...and his 62 x 11 sprockets, with a 5.63 gear ratio, a 152 inch gear, 12.02 meters development

Andrea Sessions (Phila) Sprint Champion

John Caillouette (NYC) photo © Amy Bolger

Stacy Elmer (NYC) photo © Amy Bolger

Chitah (Phila)