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Update Sunday, 30 January 2011
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Shimano CB-E110 coaster brake $28.00, rear low flange 36-hole, 110mm OLD, fittings included.
Sturmey-Archer B2C kick-shift coaster brake $70.00, rear 36-hole, 116mm OLD, black.

Sturmey-Archer S3X 3-speed Fixed-Gear $220.00, rear 36-hole, 120mm OLD, silver.
Sturmey-Archer S3X 3-speed Fixed-Gear $220.00, rear 36-hole, 130mm OLD, black.
Sturmey-Archer XRD3 3-speed Drum brake $176.00, rear 36-hole, 120mm OLD, silver.
Sturmey-Archer XRD8 8-speed Drum brake rear 36-hole, 135mm OLD, silver.

BW Classic Freewheel $48.00, rear small-flange 36-hole, 126mm OLD, sealed cartridge bearings, chro-mo axle, steel QR skewers, silver.
Dura-Ace 10-speed rear small-flange 36-hole, 130mm OLD, silver.
Phil Wood 9-speed Touring $409, rear medium flange 36-hole, 130mm OLD, heavy duty, silver.
Shimano Tiagra 4500 9-speed medium-flange 32-hole or 36-hole, 130mm OLD, grey.

Campagnolo Record track $265.00 pair, $145.00 front, $160.00 rear, small-flange, one-side fixed, 36-hole and 32-hole, Italy.
Dura-Ace HB-7710 track $128.00, rear small-flange 28-hole, 120mm OLD, dual-side fixed, silver.

Phil Wood FST High-Flange track hubs $156.00 front 32-hole or 36-hole; $166.00 front 28-hole, $187.00 rear 120mm single side fixed, $229.00 rear 120mm double-side fixed, $209.00 rear 120mm fixed/freewheel. Available in 110mm, 126mm and 130mm spacing, USA. Complete Phil Wood hub price list.

Surly "New" track hubs $136.00 pair, $72.00 rear, $64.00 front, medium flange (54mm), double-side fixed, 32-hole only.
Suzue Pro Max track hubs $195.00 pair, available 32-hole and 36-hole, high flange 96/115mm OLD, double side fixed/freewheel, polished silver, Japan.

Including axle, cones, washers, bolts or skewers.
EAI track axle sets $60.00 pair, $30.00 front or rear, 10mm x 26tpi and 9mm x 26tpi threads, fits Campagnolo hubs.
Suzue Pro Max track axle sets $25.00 each, front or rear, 9.5mm x 26tpi x 140mm front and 160mm rear, cones fit #6001 cartridge bearings
Standard rear solid axle set $6.00, 9.5mm (3/8") x 26tpi, generic, axle fits most

Phil Wood FSA rear axle core $47.00, stainless, 12.7mm x 94mm.
Phil Wood FSA front axle core $40.00, alloy, 12mm x 74.5mm.
Phil Wood FSA cap bolt $38.00 each, stainless, 12mm.
Wald b/o front axle $2.50, 5/16" x 24tpi
Wheels Mfg. hollow rear axles $14.00, chromoly, 9.5mm x 26tpi x 137mm
Wheels Mfg. hollow rear axles $14.00, chromoly, 10mm x 26tpi x 141mm and 146mm
Wheels Mfg. solid front axles $10.00, chromoly, 9.0mm x 1mm x 155mm, fits Shimano, Suntour
Wheels Mfg. solid rear axles $12.00, chromoly, 9.5mm (3/8") x 26tpi x 155mm, fits track, BMX
Wheels Mfg. solid rear axles $12.00 chroomoly, 9.5mm (3/8") x 26tpi x 187mm, fits most
Wheels Mfg. solid rear axles $15.00, chromoly, 10mm x 1mm x 174mm


Campagnolo track $36.00 each, front 9mm x 26tpi, rear 10mm x 26tpi.
EAI track $10.00 each, front 9mm x 26tpi x 14mm, rear 10mm x 26tpi x 15mm.
Phil Wood bolts and washers $34.00 pair, 8mm x 1.25mm x 40mm.
Problem Solver track $3.50 each, 9 x 1mm, 9.5 x 26tpi, 10 x 1mm.
Standard flanged axle nuts $1.00 each, most sizes.
Sturmey-Archer three-speed axle nuts $2.50 each, fits left or right side.
Shimano DX axle nuts $8.00 each, 10 x 1mm.

Campagnolo lockring $35.00, steel, 1.33 x 24tpi.
Miche splined cog carrier $15.00, steel, Italy.
Novatech lockring $8.00, chrome steel.
Phil Wood hub lockring $30.00, stainless steel, 1.33 x 24tpi.
Shimano Dura-Ace lockring $12.00, black, 1.29" x 24tpi.

Action allen key skewers $10.50 each, front or rear.
Delta Axle Rodz allen key skewers> $22.00 pair.
On Guard locking skewers $42.00 pair, includes one key.
Shimano QR skewers $14.00 each, front or rear.
Velo Orange locking skewers $22.00 pair, special allen key.


700c RIMS [ISO 622]
Mavic Open Pro silver $74.95, black 79.95, hard anodize $84.95, box section, double-eyelets, France.
Mavic CXP33 silver $75.00, aero v-section. France.
Mavic Open Sport silver $39.95, black $49.00, 32- & 36-hole, box section, single-eyelets, France.
Salsa Delgado Sun CR-18 silver $36.00, box section, single eyelets.
Velocity Aerohead $56.00, v-section, colors, Australia.
Velocity Fusion $68.00, v-section, colors, Australia.
Velocity Deep V $68.00 to $76.00, deep section, colors, machined side walls or non-machined, Australia.
Velo Orange PBP silver polish $55.00.

26" RIMS [ISO 559]
Michelin plastic rim strip $3.00 each, France.
Velox cotton rim tape 12mm and 17mm wide, $3.00 each, France.
Rubber rim strip $1.00 each, Import.


Spokes & Nipples

DT Champion straight spokes $0.85 each silver, $1.14 each black, 14 and 15 guage (2.0 and 1.8 mm), stainless steel, Swiss.
DT Competition butted spokes $1.10 each silver, 14/15 guage, stainless steel, Swiss.
DT Revolution butted spokes $1.50 each, 14/17.
Wheelsmith straight spokes $0.55 each, USA.
Wheelsmith butted spokes 1.10 each, 14/15, USA.



Continental Grand Prix 4-Season Duraskin $60.00 each, 700 x 23 and 25c, folding bead, semi-slick, natural rubber, Germany.
Continental Ultra Gatorskin $40.00 each, steel bead, 700 x 23, 25, 28c, & 27" carbon casing, natural rubber. $49.00/ea foldable.
Continental Ultra Sport $18.00 each, steel bead, black/brown, natural rubber. $28.00/ea foldable.
Continental Top Touring $34.00 each, all-purpose tread, thick casing.
Maxxis Re-Fuse $38.00 each, folding 700 x 23, 25, black/black.
Michelin Trans-Worlrd City $22.00 each, hard bead 700 x 28 and 32, ribbed tread, black with reflective sidewall strip, France.
Panaracer T-Serve messenger $36.00 each, folding 700 x 25, 28, 32, aramid compound, black, Japan.
Panaracer T-Serve messenger $40.00 each, folding 700 x 25, 28, 32, reflective sidewall, aramid compound, black, Japan.
Schwalbe Marathon Plus $48.00 each, wire bead 700 x 25, 28, 32.
Vittoria Rubino Tech $34.00 each, wire bead 700 x 23, aramid compound, black/gray, Thailand.
Vittoria Zaffiro $18.00 each, 700 x 23 and 25, wire bead, aramid and 3D compound, black/black, Thailand.

Clement Futura Kevlar $37.00 each, black/gum, cotton and Kevlar casing, butex tube, 21.5mm, 350gr, 120psi.
Continental Sprinter $60.00 each, black, polyamide casing, natural rubber, 21mm, 275gr, 170psi.
Soyo 40A $110.00 each, black/gum, cotton casing, latex tube, 18mm, 170gr, 145psi.
Tufo S33 $80.00 each, black/red,

Mr. Tuffy $8.50 - $10.00, orange 700x20-25, red 700x28-32 & 27", gold 700x32-41, silver 26x1.5-1.75, brown 26x1.95-2.5, blue , yellow 20x1.5-1.75.


Standard Schraeder Valve $6.00
Standard Presta Valve $7.00

Tube Repair


Custom Wheels

We can handle your personal iconography, with a fancy paint job, fancy wheels and fancy-pants handlebars.

Fancy Wheels with color rims and fancy spoke patterns, cost $25 to $50.00 extra per wheel. We do Crow's Foot, Pinecone, or Twisted spoke lacings.


Pre-Built Wheels

Formula/Novatec hubs with Alex rims, basic fixed-gear wheels $210.00 pair, silver; $225.00 black, 32 or 36-spoke double-sided fixed sealed bearing hub with lockring, stainless spokes.
Formula/Novatec hubs with Mavic Open Sport, basic fixed-gear wheels $260.00 pair, 32 or 36-spoke double-sided fixed sealed bearing hub with lockring, DT stainless spokes, Mavic Open Sport rims silver.
Phil Wood hubs with Mavic Open Pro/Velocity Deep V track fixed-gear wheels $550.00--$650.00 pair, custom build, choose available hub and rim selection.