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Bicycle Roller Racing Archives

1965 Southwest Championships
1965, Southwestern Roller Championships

Roller Racing Archive:
North American Championships, 1964--1965

2004 Events Kissena Treadmill Boogie

2003 Events Road to Nowhere II, Philadelphia
Kissena Roller Racing Series

2002 Events Road to Nowhere I, PBMA, Philadelphia; NYC Bicycle Show, Penn Plaza Pavilion, Manhattan; NYC Rolls On, New York Hall of Science, Queens

2001 Events Rolling On The Spot II, Rock Star Bar, Brooklyn; Rolling On The Spot I, NYC Bike Week, Rock Star Bar, Brooklyn; NYC Bicycle Show, World Trade Center, Manhattan

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Update Thursday, March 11, 2004
American Cycling, May 1964

These were some of the best U.S. cyclists of the day. Mountford, Simes, Disney, Kelly, Best... The competition rollers in Berkeley, California, looks like a J.I.C. set shown in Ron Kitchings catalog.

North American

North American

American Cycling, April 1965



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