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Track - Fixed-Gear & Single-Speed - Roadster & Cruiser - Road Sport - Hors Category - Road Touring - Folding & Small-Wheels

Here are bicycles we've recycled, assembled, installed, tuned, restored, or just looked at. We are proud to have seen some of the finest cycling machines in the world, and also some of the worst.

None of these bikes are for sale here.
They belong to friends, customers and others.

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Update Sunday, 22 December 2019
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Track Bicycles

AC track
AC track bicycle (c.1930s-USA) 48cm x 59cm lugged steel frame, Brampton headset, Williams cottered 48-tooth crankset (AK-1948), 90mm fork 110mm rear wheel spacing, red with faded gold pinstripes, another mystery bike.

Atala track bicycle (c.1970-Italy) chrome Columbus tubing, Campagnolo NR pista group, Cinelli bars and stem, American Classic seatpost, Unicanitor saddle, Phil Wood hubs, Mavic Open Pro rims, Michelin tires, Taliah's newest racing bike. It's a true NYC classic.

Bianchi Reparto Corsa
Bianchi track bicycle (c.1990-Italy) 54cm Reparto Corsa steel lugged frame, Celeste green, replaced fork, Campagnolo C-Record headset, cranks, hubs, Mavic Open Pro rims.

BSA track
BSA track bicycle (c.1940-Birmingham) Jaime brought this gem from Florence. Yellow with handpainted "P.G." initials. Unidentified cottered steel cranks and chainring, Corallo double fix-gear hub, Baruzzo Vincitor wood rims, Cinelli pista stem, chrome bars with cork plugs, Sheffield pedals, Gransport tied leather saddle.

BSA Streamlight
BSA Streamlight track bicycle (c.1950-Birmingham) British racing green color, with inch-pich chainwheel.

Concorde track
Concorde track bike (1990s-Italy) 55cm x 55cm Columbus SLX lugged frame, chrome fork and stays, dark gray gunmetal w/white decals, Sugino 75 crankset, Campagnolo low-flange hubs, Mavic MA40 CD rims, Dura-Ace headset, American Classic seatpost, Modolo pista bars, TTT stem.

Corima Cougar track
Corima Cougar track bike (1999-France) Kirk Whiteman's bike took him to a Masters World Championship. It's a monobloc carbon fiber frame, with Corima seatpost, Stronglight headset, Suntour Superbe Pro cranks, Nitto bars, Campagnolo Ghibli rear disc, Mavic IO five-spoke front wheel.

Duracycle track
Duracycle track bike (c.1990-Japan) Squid's spare rig. 60cm Tange chromoly tubing, aluminum fork, Suntour Superbe Pro cranks, stuck seatpost.

Frejus track
Frejus track bicycle (1960s-Italy) Here's Omri's classic street fixed.

Frejus track bike (c.1960-Italy) This is Fast Eddie's spare bike. His other one is a Pogliaghi. Size 62 cm, lime green with white. All Campagnolo pista components. With inch-pitch chain and sprockets. We converted the wheels from tubular to clincher tires. And changed the cranks, the old right arm had cracked.

GT track bike (1998-USA) Pit's ride has been to so many Alley Cats and World Championships we lost count. Sugino 75 cranks and Velocity wheels laced cross-twist by Hermes.

Llewellyn track frame (1990s-Australia) Superlight special-drawn steel tubing with fancy lugs, Cinelli bb shell, Campagnolo bb and hs, Sugino 75 track cranks, metalic blue.

Orero track bike (Argentina; c.1970; #00538?) Campagnolo Nuovo Record pista equipped, GB 531 stem, gray finish. This classic belongs to Cherry Crush and it has a great story about it.

Pinarello Amatore track bike (Italy) Chad's bike with Campagnolo cranks, Velocity rims, custom decals.

Dick Power track bike (c.1940-USA) Now in the hands of Dick Power's grandson, this 21.5" by 23" (54.5cm x 58.5cm) gray-colored racing machine comes from Sunnyside, Queens. It sports a Reynolds 531 butted tubeset decal, handmade lugs, Schwinn headset, chrome fork with brake drilling, three sets of World Championship bands, inch-pitch chainset with tensioners, Airlite large flange hubs, stainless spokes, Fratelli Vianzone dural rims, Hutchinson tubulars, Mansfield saddle.

Schwinn Paramount track bicycle (c.1939-Chicago-#A194) Frame by Emil Watsyn, repaired by Hill Cycle Shop, all chrome except seat stays, Schwinn parts include adjustable stem (with Drysdale clamp), headset, bottom bracket and cottered crank, 24 x 8-tooth inch-pitch chaindrive.

Schwinn Paramount track bicycle (Chicago; February 1971; #B7107) Chrome finish with Nervex Professional lugs, Campagnolo dropouts, NR headset, bb, seatpost, low-flange hubs, searching for 150mm cranks.

Schwinn Paramount track bike (July 1962-Chicago) 48cm x 50 cm Reynolds 531 tubing, Nervex Professional lugs with chrome head, Campagnolo Record group, NR pedals, Mavic CXP33 rims, Nitto track bars, cloud blue.

Spicer track bike (2001-Indiana) Craig's custom-built lugged frame comes from Gene Spicer, with Suntour Superbe Pro cranks, Cinelli bars and stem, Campagnolo pedals and pista hubs, Velocity Deep-V rims. Now he's set for Kissena.

Fixed-Gear & Single-Speed Bicycles

Bianchi hearts
Bianchi track bike with hearts (c.1990-Italy) 50cm lugged Reparto Corsa frame, aluminum fork, Liz's deli bike.

Cannondale track
Cannondale track bike (1990s-USA) Here's the wicked machine of "Evil E." Polished aluminum frame with pink tape, stickers, blanco shoe sox, Brooks saddle.

Claude Butler fixed-gear
Claude Butler fixed-gear bike (1990-England) 57cm x 59cm Reynolds 531 tubing road frame, economy fixed gear parts, cobalt blue, was Holmberg's ride, now Nate's.

Columbia fixie
Columbia fixed-gear bike (1970s-USA) Here is a super economy roadworthy fixed-gear bike. This one makes us laugh.

Frejus pista
Frejus fixed-gear track bike (1960s-Italy) Dave Copeland's fixed gear classic. Paint refinished by Spectrum.

Dave Plantenga track bike (Kokomo, IN; 1980s) Hilary's fixed-gear wonderbike that came from ebay.

Schwinn Madison track bike (1980s-USA) 57cm Columbus tubing, Tange fork, SR cranks, Sovos flip-flop hubs, Jalco aero rims, white with red.

Schwinn Paramount track bike (c.1985-USA) carbon fork, 650c front Spinergy wheel, 700c rear, Superbe pro cranks.

Somec track bike (c.1990-Italy) 59cm x 58cm Columbus tubing, clearcoat metal, Somec road fork, several dents, welded seat cluster, revived from messenger garbage.

Surly Steamroller track bike (2001-Taiwan) KT's new rig. Parts swap from old Panasonic track bike.

Roadster & Cruiser Bicycles

Batavus Flying Dutchman roadster bicycle (1960s-Holland)

Batavus roadster bike (Holland) one-speed, rod brakes, full chaincase, fender skirts, dyno lights, black, Ana's grandma's bike brought here from Holland.

Copenhagen Pedersen (2001-Denmark) Shimano Nexus 7-speed revo shift, Bontrager handlebars, Ofmega track cranks, Mavic MA3 rims, Continental tires, Woodguard fenders.

DBS Classic roadster bike (c.1980-Norway) Royal blue, step-thru frame, one-speed, coaster and drum brakes,
wide saddle, Swan stem ornament, aluminum fenders, chainguard, 26 x 1-1/2 (37-584) 650b tires.

J.C. Higgins roadster bicycle (1950s-USA) terra-cotta red, coaster brake, painted rims.

Legnano roadster
Legnano roaster bicycle (1950s-Italy) Red and white, with chrome lugs, fenders, chainguard, Legnano crankset and one-speed freewheel.

Raleigh "Curb Basher" roadster bicycle (1948; England) Sturmey-Archer 3-speed, white tires.

Puerto Rican Schwinn Club cruiser bikes (USA) Sometimes these beauties come by for parts.

Schwinn New World Racer roadster bike (1940s-USA)

Triumph 3-speed roadster bike (1960s; England) Sturmey-Archer 3-speed.

Wanamaker Rodman roadster bicycle (c.1900-USA) With cottered cranks, inch-pitch block chain, fixed-gear drive, wood rim wheels, Neverout headlamp.

Road Sport Bicycles

Atala Professional road bicycle (1988-Italy) Columbus tubing, Campagnolo NR and SR, Mavic hubs, Turbo Hinault saddle, restoration of Kevin's former race bike.

Basso road frame (1992-Italy) Ferrari red, 56cm Columbus tubing, Campagnolo headset and BB, assembled for a pro messenger.

Battaglin road
Battaglin road bicycle (1990s-Italy) assembled for Noah, first as single-speed, now as four-speed.

Cannondale R800 road bicycle (1997-USA) 54cm x 55cm CAAD3 aluminum, repaint blue-yellow, built for alleycat king, Felipe, with old Basso Columbus road fork, straight MTB bars, 14-speed downtube shifters, Bullseye hubs.

Ciocc road bicycle (1995-Italy) Cherry red, 52cm Columbus tubing, carbon fork, Dura-Ace cranks, 14-speed downtube shifters, frame repaired after crash.

Della Santa road bike (1990; Reno, NV) Shimano Dura-Ace 8-speed group, Synchros stem, Time pedals. John's old racing bike about to become a super-city bike, finished with Cinelli moustache bars.

Edge Mass Start Special road frame (1930s-USA) lugged steel frame, chrome fork, single shifter braze-on, Osgear dropout with vertical slots for derailleur and front-entry horizontal slots for single speed (fixed or free), BSA cranks and chainrings (1/8" 48-tooth), drilled for brakes. red with white lug outlines.

Lemond Alpe d'Huez
LeMond Alpe d'Huez road bicycle (2000-USA)

Eddy Merckx road
Eddy Merckx road bicycle (1980s-Belgium) Team 7-11 colors, Campagnolo C-Record group with Delta brakes.

Pink road bicycle (1990-Italy?) Taliah's mystery bike has Columbus SL tubing, chrome fork, Campagnolo Chorus 20-speed, Mavic Open Pro rims.

Raleigh R700
Raleigh R700 road bicycle (1998-USA) 54cm x 55cm 7005 aluminum tubing, Kinesis carbon fork, Cane Creek aheadset, Shimano Ultegra group, Rolf wheels, Michelin Axial Bisport tires, metalic blue-violet.

Hors Categorie Cycles

Corky's Derny
Corky's Derny motor-pacing cycle (1960s-USA) Harold "Corky" Guilbransen built this motor-pacing derny around the time when Kissena velodrome was built in 1963-64. The frame may be a low-gravity Schwinn Cycle Truck. The engine, tank, and front wheel from a gas-oil burning Honda 50. The rear wheel uses a double-fixed-gear steel hub with a heavy-duty Worksman rim and spokes.

Found frame repair
Found Frame Repair (1998-USA)

Long Haul cargo bike (1988-USA) Built by Jan VanderTuin, we call it the "Long Jan." Chromoly frame, white with black, Suntour 7-speed derailleur drive, 24 x 1.75 wheels, Odyssey one-piece crank, Hutch pedals.

M-Z High Wheel
M-Z High-Wheel fixed gear bicycle (1976-St. Louis) 48-inch front, 18-inch rear wheel, solid tires, red frame and blue fork with white stars.

P.K. Ripper
P.K. Ripper thrasher bicycle (1980s-USA) by S.E. Racing, Landing Gear fork, 990 rear brake, found in dumpster...

Schwinn Paramount tandem
Schwinn Paramount Tandem road bicycle (c.1970-USA) fillet brazed frame, T.A. cranks, Mafac cantilevers, Phil Wood rear hub, red.

Road Touring Bicycles

Atala road touring bicycle (c.1970, Italy)

Ciocc single-speed road bicycle (c.1985-Italy) 54cm Columbus SLX tubing, Campagnolo NR group, 42 x 16 gear, Taka's classic.

Frejus Tour de France road bicycle (1970-Italy) Sasha brought this classic for reconditioning to make rideable. Many original parts, including Campagnolo NR derailleurs, Tipo hubs, Universal center-pull brakes, Regina 5-speed freewheel, Cinelli bars and stem. Nisi tubular rims exchanged for Mavic clincher rims.

Colin Laing tandem road bicycle (1980-USA) royal blue, 62cm front 55cm rear, steel lugged frame, T.A. crankset, 18-speed Sachs derailleur, 3ttt moustache bars, cantilever front, linear-pull rear brake, Phil Wood hubs, 48-spoke Super Champion rims.

Falcon Eddy Merckx touring bicycle (1970s-England) A classic city bike made by Falcon in England, with the marque of the GREATEST CYCLIST OF MODERN TIMES' orange-colored Molteni-team decals.

Raleigh Professional road bicycle (1976; England) According to the late Artie Greenberg, this frame was shown at New York Bicycle Show in 1976.

Rivendell Atlantis touring bicycle (2000-USA) Gianni Pergo (gs BVVW) rides this classic Rivendell BOBish outfit, with Campagnolo OR brake levers.

Surly Cross-Check road bicycle (2001-USA/Tiawan) 52cm welded chro-mo tubing, bean green, equipped with parts of old Ciocc single-speed bike, Masaki's new cyclo-cross street ride.

Folding & Small-Wheel Bicycles

Bianchi folding bicycle (1970s-Italy)

Bickerton Portable folding bicycle (1977-Britain) aluminum frame with hinge, Sturmey Archer 3-speed, 14 x 1-3/8" front wheel, 16 x 1-3/8" rear wheel.

Empo roadster bicycle (1970-Holland) 22 x 1-3/8" wheels, coaster brake, dark green.

Huffy Slingshot #3 chopper bicycle (1970-USA) Sturmey-Archer 3-speed, stick-shifter, 20 x 2.125" rear wheel, 16 x 1-3/8" front, dual caliper brakes, rigid fork with spring, black banana seat with racing stripes, yellow frame, fenders and chainguard.

Moulton 4 speed roadster bicycle (1969-England) Dave's first specialty bike, stolen and recovered at school, been with him ever since.

Alex Moulton New Series bicycle (2001-England) stainless steel tubing, dual-wheel suspension, Shimano Dura-Ace 18-speed with special front derailleur, we provided a 56-tooth chainring (not installed in these photsos). The New Series Moulton upgrades the AM Series with a reworked front suspension and handlebar design. Danny got it from importer Doug Milliken in Buffalo, NY.

Small-Tall circus bicycle (2000-USA) reverse-pedal drive, built by Juan, orange and pink.

Swift Folder roadster bicycle (1997-USA) 16-speed, hi-rise stem, touring bars, Easy Seat anatomic, carrier with pannier, black.

Western Flyer Hi-Lo folding bicycle (1960s-USA) pressed steel frame, 16-inch wheels.