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photos © bikecult.com

Track - Fix-Gear & Single-Speed - Cross - Hors Category - Road Racing - Road Touring - Roadster & Cruiser - Folding & Small-Wheels

Here are bicycles we've recycled, assembled, installed, tuned, restored, or just looked at. We are proud to have seen some of the finest cycling machines in the world, and also some of the worst.

These bikes are not for sale here.
They belong to friends and customers.

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Update Sunday, 22 December 2019
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Track Bicycles

3Rensho Cyclone Special Export track bicycle (1990s; Japan)
This is becca's bike. she came here cause her bike was squeeking. i said it was the spoke cards and that's what it was.

Cannondale T1000 track frameset (1995, USA)

Cinelli Olympic track bicycle (Italy) MOF is a patron of new-old-stock pista. Here we have the tutto Tulio Cinelli with Campagnolo gruppo and Ghisallo wood rims.

Ciocc Pista track bicycle (1980s; Italy) with Nitto ADB-Aero Dynamics Bar

Cognoscenti pista bicycle (2006; Italy) A new name for a lugged steel frame made by Tommasini.

Fuji track bicycle with Manifest paint (2006)

Kiyo Miyazawa track bicycle (Japan) This crazy bike was lost and returned thanks to Austin.

Cicles Miguel track bicycle (Italy/Argentina?) If the headbage is true to the bike, it's a CICLES MIGUEL - BICICLETAS ESTEBAN MERLO 1008 - CASEROS. with FB high-flange hubs (made in Italy).

Panasonic NJS track bicycle (2000; Japan) The keirin bike of Austin Horse (Team Fortynine-Sixteen) and the trophy Reload bag he won as the 2006 North American Cycle Courier Champion. Congrats to the new King Kog! Proof that good guys can finish first.

Pogliaghi pista bicycle (1980s; Italy)

Rauler track bicycle (Italy) MOF has a very fine NOS assemblage here. A cherry and chrome Rauler frameset, with a bit of Super and Record Campagnolo, a Sella Italia Criterium perch, and Fiamme and Vittoria sprints.

Royal Star track bicycle (Australia; 1960s)

Tommasini track bicycle (2006; Italy)

Track bicycle with twisted spokes

Yamaguchi track bicycle (2005; USA) A custom bike for Zui Hanafusa of MiyaShoji.

Fixed-Gear & Single-Speed Bicycles

Bianchi Pista fixed-gear bicycle (2005) We see a lot of these around. Chris has the smartest, most colorful, best looking one around.

Circle A Cycles fixed-gear bicycle (2006; Providence, Rhode Island)

EAI Bare Knuckle single-speed bicycle (2006)

Fiorelli Milan-San Remo single-speed road bicycle (1980s; Italy) Another especial classic rareity caught as work-in-progress. With superphalic adjustable track gooseneck, and superbuff Selle Royal Superstrada saddle. <<Viva rosso Ferrari>>

City Reliquary fixed-gear bicycle (2005; Kings County, Borough of Brooklyn) Bill is the "Vice President of Collections" of the City Reliquary and is standing president of the Brooklyn Civic Riders Bicycle Club. His bike pays hommage to our city, it's colors and flag.

Iro fixed-gear bicycle (2005) Here's Bill's Williamsburgh pimp mobile.

Moth fixed-gear bicycle (2006)

Raleigh Grand Prix fixed-single bicycle A very tall bicycle man found a cheap frame with which to make his citybike. We found his Campy 180mm cranks, fitting Nitto's Technomic stem with Albatross bars. Here's a peek at our new wheels. Novatech joytech hubs with Mavic rims and DT spokes. Let me warn you. Heaven on earth is often hard to find and needs some time.

Hors Category Cycles

Ace Ultra Cycle speedway bicycle (1990s; England) Eddie G. brought me this custom speedway frame he got on ebuy. We assembled it as it was made to be--freewheel without brakes, 26 x 1-3/8" wheels (on a 37-inch wheelbase) and upright handlebars. It's frame is repainted white, with Reynolds 531 Competition tubing, straight-blade forks and special Ace dropouts (with ubiquitious clover).

Henderson Black Label high wheel bicycle (2005; Brooklyn)

Dick Power Special track bicycle (1950; New York City) Here it is, the one and only tiny track bike made by Dick Power. Thanks to Al Toefield's family, Eddie Albert and Jamie Swan, it's been returned to the Power family, to Dick's great grandson.

Surly Karate Monkey fixed-gear road bicycle (2006) Mike had to have a KM 29er with fixed-gear. Details include a Brooks Swift saddle, Major Taylor handlebars with Brooks leather bar wrap, Schwalbe Big Apple 700 x 60 tires.

Road Racing Bicycles

Benotto road bicycle (1980s; Italy) Seat tube decal celebrates Paris-Roubaix won thrice by Francesco Moser.

Bik Racing road bicycle (1990s; Cycles Didier Louis USA) S_9 (Ken) won cat_5, got overhauled and finished thurd in da Rumble.

Colnago road racing bicycle (1990s; Ireland)

Lemond TVT 92 Tour de France road racing bicycle (1990; France) Another famous bike in Taliah's studio. One of Greg Lemond's Tour de France winning rides, his 1990 Team Z Carbone TVT, on loan from US Bicycling Hall of Fame. 22 photos

Mariposa road racing bicycle (1970s; Toronto, Canada) Everyday I get to see the bikes Taliah Lempert poses in her studio. We love this one. Dede Barry asked for a painting of her husband, Michael Barry's first race bike, built by his father, Mike Barry of Bicycle Specialties.

Maza road frameset (1995; Modena, Italy by Emmezeta) 56cm Columbus Max steel tubing and dropouts.

Peugeot PX10 road racing bicycle (1970s; France) Rene returned from duty in Iraq to get his bike restored. It's a beautiful paintjob by Bruce at the Color Factory. Instead of Peugeot's traditional white and black, Rene chose a fade from chromatic jade to sandy tan. Desert oasis.

A. Waller Kingsland road racing bicycle (1960; London)

Road Touring Bicycles

Alan cyclo-cross bicycle (1990s; Italy) I often see this fine machine coming at me, because Dara's commute is the opposite direction as mine.

Johnny Coast road touring bicycle (2006; Brooklyn) Zane's bike has TA Carmina cranks, White M15 hubs, Paul Racer brakes, Honjo hammered fenders, Bruce Gordon racks, Nitto Noodle bars, & Brooks Flyer saddle.

Grandis EX mixte road bicycle (1980s; Italy)

Handmade road bicycle (USA) I don't know who made this finely crafted frame. We gave it an overhaul with a new beige finish.

Rudge 3-speed touring bicycle (Coventry, England)

Roadster & Cruiser Bicycles

Humber tricycle (1970s; England) A bike becomes a trike, by mounting two wheels on an axle in the dropouts. It's bobbins have lightbulbs.

HKS Kettler city bicycle (2002; Germany)

Lemond Alpe d'Huez three-speed bicycle (2000; USA/Taiwan)
Rob's bike caught a flat on the way in.

Pashley Tube Rider cruiser bicycle (2006; England) Like an old paratrooper frame design, this 400-pound (sterling) 24-speed bike was repainted a kind of green-ish sharkskin color.

Raleigh Klump Fiets bicycle (Niew Amsterdam) Murfphie keeps den klumpfiets voor hijs kinderen.

Schwinn cruiser bicycle (1950s; USA) This one belongs to "cult legend" jewelry-maker Axel, decorated with a spiders' web.

Swiss Miss roadster bicycle (1970s; Europe) This is the kind of job that makes it all worthwhile. Here comes old swiss miss, somebody's friend's old clunker, getting all made up with new mudguards brought from Kabul, Afghanistan. Seeing these beautiful fenders made in a war zone, it gives hope for the world. When an overseas customer is kidnapped in Gaza, headlines hit home. When he is released and within the week he is visiting our shop, there's hope.

Folding & Small-Wheel Bicycles

Bike Friday Pocket Rocket folding bicycle (Eugene, Oregon; 2006) After having a pre-owned Pocket Rocket, Steve Klein got his own custom size. As much as we love small-wheel bikes, Steve is the one always riding them. He's an ambassador for Swift Folder, being test pilot of the track racing Swift. He's a hard rider with lots of miles, maybe small wheels soak up his extra force.

FBM Live Wire freestyle bicycle (2002; USA)

Simon's GT kindergarden taxi bicycle (Brooklyn; 2006)

Piko folding bicycle (Japan) Yoshi found this in Japan. We added longer cranks and a bigger gear.

Raleigh Twenty fixed-gear folding bicycle (1970s; England)