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Campagnolo 50th anniversary gruppo

Track - Fix-Gear & Single-Speed - Cross - Hors Category - Road Racing - Road Touring - Roadster & Cruiser - Folding & Small-Wheels

Here are bicycles we've recycled, assembled, installed, tuned, restored, or just looked at. We are proud to have seen some of the finest cycling machines in the world, and also some of the worst.

These bikes are not for sale here.
They belong to friends and customers.

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Road Touring Bicycles

Bologna Crown road touring bicycle (2010, Brooklyn) Ornate lugs, twin-plate crown, and special French components.

Johnny Coast rando touring bicycle (2009, Brooklyn)

Hetchins Magnum Bonum road touring bicycle (England)

Mercian road touring bicycle (Derby, England) Blue with Reynolds 653 tubing and white outlined lugs.

Surly Cross Check commuter bicycle (2009)

Surly Cross Check commuter bicycle (2009)

Surly Pacer road bicycle (2010)

Trek 520 road touring bicycle Marc's back-to-school bike.

Hors Category Cycles

Main Street Pedicabs box carrier tricycle (2009, Denver) Everyday the world gets better. Organic Avenue delivers nutrients in the best way possible.

Bologna front-wheel drive bicycle (2010, Brooklyn)

Organic Engines Triclops recumbent cargo tricycle (2009, USA) A laid-back front-wheel-drive mid-steering cargo trike, made by Organic Engines of Tallahassee, Florida. This one is Shelley's, he blogs at Urban Mobility Project.

Racycle Pacemaker roadster bicycle (c.1900 Middletown, OH) Made by Miami Cycle Company of Middletown, Ohio, with special crank hanger and 40-tooth inch-pitch front sprocket. New pictures after overhaul.

Fixed-Gear & Single-Speed Bicycles

BSA Kopsky's Special track bicycle (1930s, England-New Jersey) With a BSA headbadge, "Built by Kopsky, N.J." bike shop decal and a rider's name: A. Rossi.

Carlton Corsa Strada single-speed bicycle (c.1970, England)

Circle A Cycles fixed-gear bicycle (2010, Providence)

Raphael Geminiani single-speed bicycle (1960s, France) Katlyn's old-school track bike becomes a porteur single-speed.

IRO single-speed bicycle Katlyn made the anchor headbadge and covered the frame in black reflective tape.

Leader Trick Star V2 fixed-gear bicycle (2010) A new breed of handlebar moustache1 Came by for new bearings. Freestyle fix frame with left-hand MX drive chain, 26 x 2 tires, shadow saddle and ynot pedal straps.

Maxway single-speed bicycle Neo-classic chrome lugged steel track frame.

Scattante "Chino" fixed-gear bicycle (Taiwan) Never say never when a vertical dropout road frame wants to be fixied.

Zeus road commuter bicycle (1970s, Spain) Ben's better beater bike.

Road Sport Bicycles

Bianchi road bicycle Ian's bike was damaged in a collision.

De Rosa road bicycle (1980s, Milano) Equipped with Campagnolo 50th Anniversary gruppo

Felt B2 time trial bicycle With Bayonnet steering and internaql cable routing.

Panasonic road bicycle 27-inch frame--the largest mass-production available--with new powder coat finish.

Pinarello road bicycle (c.1990, Treviso)

Pinarello road bicycle (c.1990, Treviso)

Daniel Salmon road bicycle (2009, France)

Schwinn road bicycle

Cross Bicycles

Carlton cross touring bicycle (c.1970, England)
Even if it's something hard-to-find, it makes our day when Matthew "Devotion" comes by.

Raleigh Competition cross bicycle (c.1970, England) We converted Karl's classic road frame, with single-speed, tubular tires, and front disc brake.

Roadster & Cruiser Bicycles

Ben's Beater coaster-brake bicycle

Cannondale mtb porteur bicycle (1990, USA)

Murray Skybolt cruiser bicycle (1960s, USA)

Raleigh Sports roadster bicycle (1975, England) John's bike was repaired after being crushed while parked on the sidewalk.

Folding & Small-Wheel Bicycles

Euro folding bicycle (1970s, Italy) With a new warm white powder-coat finish.

Gekko folding bicycle (2007, Taiwan) An out-of-production portable with 12-inch wheels.

Rockfish roadster bicycle (c.2000, Charlottesville, VA) Yoshi's BMX dream became a unique roadster.

Swift R super-light single-speed folding bicycle (2010, Brooklyn)

Keepers Of The Flame

Jamia Swan frame shop A field trip to an amazing frame building shop.