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Track - Fix-Gear & Single-Speed - Cross - Hors Category - Road Racing - Road Touring - Roadster & Cruiser - Folding & Small-Wheels

Here are bicycles we've recycled, assembled, installed, tuned, restored, or just looked at. We are proud to have seen some of the finest cycling machines in the world, and also some of the worst.

These bikes are not for sale here.
They belong to friends and customers.

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Update Sunday, 22 December 2019
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Track Bicycles

3Rensho Cyclone
3Rensho Cyclone track bicycle (1990s-Japan) say "San Rensho" of the finest makes. This one is beat. Mike's riding to it to the end.

Atala track bicycle (c.1960-Italy) Chrome frame, Campagnolo Pista cranks 151-bcd, TTT touriste stem. Steve carries a pump, spare and bottle.

Badiak pista
Alex Badiak track frame (2002-USA) black, 53cm True Temper tubes, Henry James lugs. Custom measure for Omri.

Bianchi track frame (c.1988-Italy)

Bianchi Reparto Corsa
Bianchi track bicycle (2001-Italy) celeste, 56cm Reparto Corsa MegaLite Pro Steel TIG-weld frame with Columbus tips, Miche Primato track group, Phil Wood hubs, Mavic rims, Michelin Axial World Champion tires, Cinelli bars & stem. Omar brought us his frame for assembly. Now it's off to T-Town velodrome.

Mortimer's Cannondale
Cannondale track bicycle (1990s-USA) This is Mo's all-purpose bike. He works it, races it, and toured it across Asia! The courier collective Berlin Massiv provides his Schwalbe tires, Phil Wood hubs, Bagjack bags.

Casati track
Casati track bicycle (2000-Italy) Mike parted ways with this custom frame. Now it's in Sasha's hands.

Cinelli Olympic track bicycle (2002-Italy) Bucky broke loose on his sick dream.

Cinelli Olympic track frames (2001-Italy) Columbus Thron track tubeset, Cinelli lugs, crown, dropouts, Ferrari red or Pearl yellow, with chrome crown and stays.

Colnago pista
Colnago track bicycle (1990s-Italy) Roger had us set up his frame with Campagnolo Record Pista group, Cinelli bars and stem, MKS pedals, and Selle Italia saddle. The wheels you see here were in transition. Now they are a matching set.

Mario Confente pista
Mario Confente track bicycle (1970s-California)
Seen at T-Town swap meet, too big for me!

Cyclops track bicycle (c.1980s-Toronto) Beautiful construction by M. Mulholland & Sons, Ltd., Columbus tubes and stunning graphics.

Damien's Daccordi
Daccordi track bicycle (c.1990-Italy) Damien's red hot Daccordi, with nickel plated tubes, hangs in his own Red Hook bike shop. Taliah's portrait of it is on the back of our Bike Works NYC jersey!

De Bernardi
De Bernardi track bicycle (1990s-Italy) Reggie's bike is stickered with his favorite quotations. From saddle to drops, it's one of the steepest around.

J. Dube track bicycle (1989-USA) 58cm Columbus tubes and blades, Campagnolo dropouts, BMX gold cranks, Miche headset, Minneapolis-made top-tube pad and spoke card.

Freschi pista
Freschi Supreme track bicycle (1970s-Milano) Another from Roman's fine collection, with SunTour Superbe cranks and Edco headset.

Gardin track bicycle (1980s-Canada) Here's Crissima's bike she got in Toronto. She's a London courier that races alot.

Gardin pursuit
Gardin low-profile track bicycle (1980s-Canada)
The fellow who rides this goes so fast they named him Booker.

GT Shaklee Team
GT Shaklee Team track bicycle (1900s-USA) Tig-welded aluminum frame, with triple triangle. John found this at T-Town swap meet. Shimano Dura-Ace bb, cranks, hubs. Cinelli AXO octagonal bars & plugs. His racing machine for Kissena velodrome.

GT track
GT track frame (2001-USA)

Del's Hetchins
Hetchins track bicycle (1970s-England) Delroy had this bike custom made for him. It's taken him to National & World Masters championship medals.

IF crown jewel
Independent Fabrications Crown Jewel track bicycle (2002-USA) with Sugino 75 cranks, Miche Primato hubs, Izumi gold chain, Thompson seatpost and Cinelli bars. A couple years ago we assembled Regina's fixed-gear training bike. Now she's headed to T-Town track on this!!

Bob Jackson
Bob Jackson track bicycle (1971-England) #7798 white with red details, 48cm Reynolds 531 tubing, Prugnant lugs and twin-plate fork crown. Taliah's race bike at T-Town and Kissena.

Marin track
Marin track bicycle (2000) Sean's Cutter rig with aluminum frame, steel fork, and Chub carbon-shell fixed-gear hub.

Masi Pista
Masi Pista track bicycle (1982-San Marcos, California-# C8214) Roman's 55cm street ride, with Shimano 10mm-pitch chain drive.

Mercian track bicycle (2002-England-#153) "The World Over," Kiil got this frame at Habitat, metalic gray, Reynolds 531 tubing, King headset, Miche Primato crankset, hubs & seatpost, Nitto bars & stem, MKS pedals.

Eddy Merckx track bicycle (1980s-Belgium)

Merckx track
Eddy Merckx track bicycle (1990s-Belgium)
Here's Silver's new ride.

Nagasawa track
Nagasawa track bicycle (2002-Japan) Copper with yellow trim, 55cm Tange tubing, Nagasawa dropouts and bottom bracket shell, Hatta headset and bottom bracket, Campagnolo cranks, Isumi chain, Phil Wood hubs, Rigida rims, DT spokes, Nitto seatpost and bars, TTT Synthesis stem, Selle Italia Flite saddle.

Olmo Gara Pista track frame (1998-Italy-#2156)

Olmo Gara Pista track bicycle (2001-Italy)

Pinarello track frame (1989-Treviso, Italy-#0379)

Pogliaghi track bicycle (1992-Italy) black, 59cm Columbus SP tubing

Harry Quinn track
Harry Quinn track bicycle (c.1985-England) black with gold-lined lugs, Reynolds 531 "Designer Select" tubing, straight-blade forks, mono-tube wishbone seat stay.

Radius track bicycle (c.1990-Germany)

Raleigh Professional track
Raleigh Professional track bicycle (c.1965-England) "Pops" is racing on this at Kissena Park, with decal from Hans Ohrt cyclery.

1974 Schwinn Paramount track
Schwinn Paramount track bicycle (June 1974-USA-#F74154) black with chrome, Reynolds 531 tubing, Nervex lugs, Campagnolo frame fittings and components, drilled for brakes and fenders.

Serotta track bicycle (2000-USA) Roman brought in this frame--among the finest we've seen-- Light, lugged steel, semi-over-size tapered tubes. We installed King headset on carbon fork, Campag bb, cranks & pedals, Thompson seatpost, Cinelli bars and stem, Phil Wood hubs, Mavic Open Pro CD rims.

Spicer pista cutter
Gene Spicer track bicycle (2000-Indiana) Bibi's aluminum pista cutter with Campagnolo Shamal 16-spoke wheels

Titanium track bicycle (c.2000-USA) Tig-welded titanium frame, from Fuji team member Sue Yeaton. Jared's 2002 track bike. Assembled as light and strong as possible. He won his first two races on it!

Zullo track
Zullo track bicycle (1980s-Italy) Russian Dave rode this classic for a few years before he sold it to Cherry Bomb.

Fix-Gear & Single-Speed Bicycles

Delromi fixed-gear road bicycle (c.1970-Belgium)

Frejus commuter bike (c.1960-Italy) My lime green upright fixie became a cruiser, with a Perry coaster brake hub and Campagnolo cranks with SR chainguard.

Matsuri track bicycle (1990-Japan) Amy's work bike didn't always have a hand brake. She painted it lots of colors.

Ochsner fixed-gear bicycle (c.1990-Swiss)
Jason's ride has a custom-stitched saddle and moustache bars. I tried to replace the dropout, but it didn't go so well...

Raleigh mixte fixte
Raleigh mixte fixte bicycle (1970s-England) Bill's bike with Nitto moustache bars, Brooks saddle, SR cranks, Araya rims.

Raleigh Super Course fixed-gear bicycle (1970s-England) Stronglight cranks, SunTour Sprint hub, Brooks saddle, Wald basket.

Razesa fixie
Razesa fixed-gear bicycle (c.1990-Spain) Erich's got bike style going on his drilled-ring commuter. With tubulars, bull horns and a bell.

Schwinn alley cat
Schwinn alley cat bicycle (1960-USA) One of those bikes of the U.S. Coaster Brake Team.

Smudger track bike (1970s-England) Dominic brought his bike to roller races. It's designed for fixed-gear training with fenders. Smudger was the second owner. He got it at a shop in Hoddesdon, England, run by Bob Hicks and his son Graham Hicks, a blind wheel builder. The first owner placed a sticker from British National Track Championships in Leicester from 7 July - 4 August 1979. With TA-Stronglight cranks and Cinelli stem.

"...whilst I loved her I am only a touring cyclist and she wanted to get speed up and "go for it" all the time (it was obvious that was what she was used to) and so I agreed with her to try and find someone more worthy of her, which is where you came in and obviously feel the same attachment as I did..."

Surly Steamroller
Surly Steamroller single-speed/track bicycle (2001-USA/Taiwan)

Vile Vega
Univega "Vile Vega" fixed-gear bicycle (1980s-Japan) Erich's styled-out Univega fixie features his custom "Single Speed Fever" stickers and "Vile" hubset.

Van Dessel Cycles
Van Dessel Country Road Bob fixed-gear bicycle (2001-New Jersey/Taiwan) Early prototype from Van Dessel Cycles. Rob equipped it with Campagnolo pista cranks, Schwinn saddle and Zipper front fairing.

Van Dessel Cycles Country Road Bob single-speed frameset (2002-New Jersey/Taiwan) Grasshopper green, 53cm tig-weld 7005 aluminum tubing, black carbon fork, 1-1/8-inch Ritchey integrated headset, canti-brake mounts fit 700c wheels.

Vitus lo-pro
Vitus low-profile fixed-gear bicycle (1990s-France) Coni's project bike shows how far one can push the envelope. Low-profile aluminum frame with vertical dropouts. Surly fixed-gear hub converter welded to Rolf Vector road wheels. Shimano 600 cranks fit with Biopace chainring (42 x 15).

Roadster & Cruiser Bicycles

Bianchi roadster
Bianchi roadster bicycle (Italy) ladies, black, 1-speed coaster brake, rod-lever sturrup brakes, Nisi rims.

Cilo Original Swiss Cheese Bike ® (2000-Swiss) Sponsored by the cheese industry, we're told it was a gift.

J.C. Higgins roadster bicycle (1960s-Austria)

Illmatic cruiser bicycle (2002-Germany/Taiwan)

Kronan roadster bicycle (2001-Sweden) Based on Swedish Army design, sold by Kronan Cykel, donated to Transportation Alternatives, tuned up for Holiday Party raffle.

Overland roadster bicycle (c.1910s-USA) An obscure brand of the Bi-Motor Equipment Co., Boston, Mass. Unlisted in Wheelmen compilation of American bicycle brands, with Morrow coaster brake...

Vista Duo tandem bicycle (c.1980-Japan) small green frame, 26 x 1.75" tires, chrome fenders, double rear carriers, mirrors, cruiser saddles.

Worksman Newsboy utility bicycle (1990s-USA) Like it's owner, this bike is a cultural artifact of NYC. It belongs to Adam Purple, builder of the Garden of Eden. And to think, he only brings it to Bike Works for repair.

Hors Categorie Cycles

Bauer Saalsport
Bauer Saalsport gymnasium bicycle (1950s-Germany) This one shown at T-Town swap meet, not for sale.

Burrows Windcheetah recumbent tricycle titanium frame, 24-speed, single-bar controls, disc brakes, finest HPV tricycle available.

Fisher mountain bicycle (c.1987-USA) Steve's original Fisher has a Cook Bros. crankset, drop-bar attachments, and well-used panniers.

High Step high wheel bicycle (1970s-USA) A gentleman named Chase brought in this 50" wheel with a broken steering column. Dave tried brazing on a new one, but ended up taking it to a tig welder. It also needed a new crank arm and its wheels trued.

Jaguar First Class road bicycle (1960s-West Germany) Here's an economy bike of the lowest-possible grade materials and construction, with stylish decals and smokey lug outlines.

Rossin Pursuit
Rossin chrono track bicycle (1992-Italy) Hed 24" front wheel, Continental Sprinter tubular, Sugino 75 Tyranno rear 700c disc, Clement Futura tubular, Sugino 75 cranks, Stronglight 68-tooth chainring

Richard Sachs road
Richard Sachs road frame (1981-Connecticut USA) Metalic gray, 54cm Columbus tubing with Cinelli BB shell.

Serotta size cycle
Serotta Size Cycle fitting bike (2001-USA)

St. Tropez Frankenbike
St. Tropez Franken bicycle (c.1975 USA) black and chrome, quadruple shocks, coaster brake or fixed gear 20" disc wheels, butterfly bars, Hitchhiker banana seat.

Trek triathlon bicycle (2000-USA) OCLV frame, Rolf wheels, Shimano Ultegra 9-speed.

XB3 Ukraina B-134 roadster bike (c.1975-Kharkov, Ukraine USSR-#7Pr.3 49233) Translation: KhVZ "First Diploma Factory," Ukraina V-134, black, one-speed coaster brake, 28"(42-635) tires, double racks, fenders, chainguard, tool case, top tube pad.

Vicious Motivator
Vicious Cycles Motivator mountain cross bicycle (2002-New Paltz) Matt's suped-up bike has S & S couplings, WTB 29" tires, Shimano XTR 9-speed.

Willits 29er
Willits Mountie bicycle (2001-Crested Butte, CO) Jason's mountain cruiser has 29-inch WTB tires, Mafac cantilever brakes and bar-end STI XTR shifting.

Road & Cross Racing Bicycles

Bianchi Giro
Bianchi Giro road bicycle (2001-Italy) Celeste, Easton aluminum tubing, carbon fork, Shimano 105 group, 27-speed (triple chainring with 9-speed cassette and Ultegra derailleur), Mavic CXP-21 rims, Vittoria tires, Bianchi Bodyfit saddle and pedals.

Cannondale Black Lightning road bicycle (1986-USA) special edition 62cm (c-t) criterium alu frame, 14-speed Suntour Sprint drive, Dia-Compe aero levers, black anodised components with gold.

Superman's Cannondale
Cannondale R600 road bicycle (1985-USA) This bike belonged to Superman, unitl Dana & Christopher Reeve donated it to the WORLD TEAM Celebrity Bicycle Charity Auction. It's a plum 60cm with tubular tires.

Cinelli road frame (c.1970-Italy) 58.5cm x 58cm Columbus tubes, Cinelli drilled lugs, crown, bb shell, maroon repaint by Andreas Cuevas.

Colnago Master Piu road bicycle (1980s-Italy) 58cm Columbus Profilo S4 tubing, Colnago dropouts, chrome straight-blade fork, Shellac bar tape, D. Salmon mudguards from Cycles D. Salmon, France.

Concorde Giro
Concorde Giro road bicycle (2000s-Italy) Columbus Brain tubes, chrome fork and stays, yellow with decor trim, Campagnolo Chorus 20-speed, Chorus headset, brakes, Proton wheelset, Cinelli Frog stem, bars, Selle Italia SLR saddle, Look pedals, Continental Grand Prix 3000 tires.

Cuevas 650c
Cuevas 650 road bike (2000-USA) Third generation Cuevas family, custom built for 650c wheels.

Mino Denti road bike (1980-Italy) Heather's DC courier bike. She won our roller race in Phila.

De Rosa
De Rosa road bicycle (c.1980-Italy) Super Prestige - Arc en Ciel - Eddy Merckx

De Rosa
De Rosa road bicycle (c.1985-Italy) Super Prestige - Arc en Ciel - Eddy Merckx - with Campagnolo Record Delta brakeset.

Fuji Ace
Fuji Ace road bicycle (1980s-Japan) An all-black special edition, with Ishiwata Feather Si35 Triple Butted Chromoly Channeled tubing.

Fuji Team
Fuji Team road bicycle (1988-Japan-#KB203625) metalic pewter, 52cm x 54cm Fuji 333 butted chromoly lugged tubes, chrome engraved flat fork crown, Suntour 12-speed downtube shift, Dia-Comp caliper brakes, Sugino AS crankset, 700c clinchers, Ukia gold rims, ACT cyclometer.

Gios Compact road bicycle (c.1988-Italy) We assembled frame for the King of NYC, Felipe.

Gios Super Record cyclo-cross bicycle (1980s-Italy)

Gios Torino Super Record road frame (1980s-Italy)

Bruce Gordon skyscraper
Bruce Gordon road bicycle (c.1980-USA) red, 68cm x 59 cm, SunTour Superbe Pro crankset, bottom bracket, seatpost, Cyclone derailleurs & shifters, Cinelli bars & stem, Tektro brakes, Time pedals. This beautiful hand-crafted frame belongs to Adam "Size Matters" Pollock, my IT computer specialist at adamdoesit.

Guerciotti road bicycle (1990s-Italy) Columbus SLX tubing, Shimano Dura-Ace 9-speed group, Mavic Ksyrium wheelset, Turbo saddle, Look pedals. David Bakker commissioned Taliah to paint its picture.

Guerciotti road bicycle (c.1990-Italy) John brought this jewel of a bike to the shop for assembly. He wanted it tuned up to 100-kph condition.

Hampsten Cinghale
Hampsten Cinghale road bicycle (2002-Italy) tig-weld steel tubes, True Temper Alpha Q carbon fork, Shimano Dura-Ace 18-speed STI, IRD cable & housing, ITM Millenium stem & bars, Synchros seatpost, SPD-R pedals.

IF Crown Jewel
Independent Fabrications Crown Jewel road bicycle (2001-USA) Campagonolo Record and Chorus equipped. This very bike appeared in an IF catalog.

Independent Fabrications Crown Jewel road bicycle (2001-USA) Reynolds 853 tubing, tig-weld, purple-blue fade, Shimano Ultegra 9-speed, Rolf Vector wheels. Omri got this IF frame to replace his Bob Jackson.

LeMond Buenos Aires
LeMond Buenos Aires road bicycle (2000-USA) Ultegra & Dura-Ace equipped, Fir & Mavic wheels. The big thing about this is the 50-tooth chainring. Jared has come a long way on this.

Litespeed Ultimate
Litespeed Ultimate road bicycle (1999-USA) Hermes says he broke a frame every year. This one has already gone four years.

Masi Gran Criterium?
Masi Gran Criterium road bicycle (????)

Masi Prestige road bicycle (c.1982-Milano) Alberto Masi signature, CyclArt refinish, Columbus tubing, Campagnolo SR and NR components, Dura-Ace hubs, DT titanium spokes, Campagnolo Lambda rims.

Eddy Merckx Corsa road frame (c.1990-Belgium-#C1146) Columbus SL lugged tubes with Chris King headset and Campagnolo bb.

Miyata Team
Miyata team road bicycle (c.1989-Japan) blue, Spline triple-butted tubing lugged frame, Shimano Dura-Ace 14-speed, tubulars.

Olmo Antares road bike (2001-Italy) Deda 7000 series aluminum frame, carbon fork, integrated headset, Campagnolo Daytona 10-speed, Ambrosio rims.

Panasonic AL-7000
Panasonic AL-7000 raod bicycle (c.1990-Japan)

Pogliaghi road bicycle (c.1985-Italy) Campagnolo C-Record and Super Record components. Ashe got the frame at T-town from Marty Nothstein and set it up with bits of gold, gray and yellow.

Quattro Assi
Quattro Assi road bicycle (2002-Italy) John replaced his custom steel Williams road racing frame, selecting a light and stiff aluminum frame with Easton carbon fork.

Raleigh Pro
Raleigh Professional road bicycle (c.1982-England) cloud blue & mink, 57cm Reynolds 531 tubes, Campagnolo NR group, John got this for his son from Sal Corso at Stuyvesant Bicycle.

Rauler road bicycle (c.1989-Italy) Phoenix's favorite ride. Chrome lugged frame, former pro team issue, Shimano equipped, Fir rims.

Serotta road
Serotta road bicycle (2001-USA) One of Mike Howard's awesome looking rides. With Colorado titanium tubing, Shimano Dura-Ace 9-speed, Mavic Helium wheelset.

Specialized Allez
Specialized Allez Epic road bicycle (c.1992-USA) carbon tubing with silver aluminum lugs and fork, Shimano 105 cranks, 14-speed downtube shifters, Phil Wood rear hub, Cinelli bars & stem.

Surly Cross-Check
Surly Cross-Check cyclocross bicycle (2002 USA/Taiwan) blood red, chromoly tig-weld tubing, Shimano Tiagra 18-speed, bar end shifters.

Williams road bicycle (1992-New York) Dark blue, Coulmbus Max lugged frame with Ritchey dropouts, Shimano Ultegra 9-speed, Real hubs, replaced fork.

Windsor Professional road
Windsor Professional road bicycle (1972-Mexico) Orange, 58cm Columbus SP tubing, Cinelli-type frame fittings, Campagnolo Nuovo Record group, Mavic clincher rims, Continental tires, Brooks Professional saddle, Cinelli CdM bars, stem.

Road Touring Bicycles

Bianchi Sport
Bianchi Sport road bicycle (1995-Italy) Taliah has painted many pictures of her Celeste bike.

Bianchi Tangent touring bicycle (1998-Italy) 51cm lugged steel frame, celeste green, Shimano Tiagra and Sora STI 24-speed, Tektro linear-pull brakes, racks front and rear, Zoe's touring ride.

Bike Friday Pocket Rocket
Bike Friday Pocket Rocket folding road bicycle (1999-USA) Another T-Town swap meet deal. This one's got racing miles on it. I think it's Steve's favorite ride. With 14-speed Shimano STI and Titec Hell Bent seatpost.

Cinelli Super Corsa
Cinelli Super Corsa road bicycle (2002-Italy) James chose classic steel Italian frame with new Ergo features. The bike is 57cm Columbus SLX tubes, chrome Cinelli lugs and seat cluster, Campagnolo Chorus 20-speed group, Velocity Aerohead rims, Conti Grand Prix tires, Speedplay X3 pedals, Cinelli-taped Profile Hammerhead bars and Koobi Xeon saddle.

Hetchins Magnum Bogus road bicycle (England) Probably built by Harry Butler to replicate the splendid Hetchins Magnum Opus. Since it was not made at Alf Hetchins' studio, the name Magnum Bogus was applied by CyclArt when refinished. Please visit Historic Hetchins here

LeMond road bicycle (2000-USA) Our master wrench Rob set up this three-speed kicker.

Peugeot PX10 road bicycle (1970-France) Reynolds 531 tubing, Stronglight cranks, Mafac brakes.

Raleigh International road bicycle (1980-Japan) Karl's velo rando.

Raleigh Olmpia road bicycle (1990s-USA)
Here's a Phoenix Dragon that's made many miles.

Rivendell touring bicycle (1997-USA) pumpkin, Reynolds 753 lugged tubing, Brooks B17 saddle.

Rivendell Rambouillet
Rivendell Rambouillet touring bicycle (2002-USA-#0112) "Always Willing, Ever Able," orange-cooper, 64cm lugged tubing, Shimano Ultegra 9-speed, Brooks B17 saddle.

"Saab" road bicycle (1990?-Japan) Here's a classic road bike from a customer in Japan. He cannot say what make it is, so he tacked on a badge from a Saab automobile. He made that beautiful handlebar bag! Our contribution was the SunTour Superbe Pro brakeset.

Schwinn Paramount tandem
Schwinn Paramount tandem road bicycle (July 1971-USA-#GJ806007) Mafac cantilever brakes, T.A. crankset, Campagmolo and Phil Wood hubs.

Schwinn Tempo road frame (1980s-USA) 62cm Columbus lugged frame, chrome fork, red, white, green.

Trek 760
Trek 760 road bicycle (1983-USA-#090405) 64cm Reynolds 531 tubes, Cook Bros. 180mm cranks, Hi-E front hub, Phil Wood rear hub. Another bike of Adam "Size Matters" Pollock, our IT computer specialist at adamdoesit.

Viscount road bicycle (c.1975-England)

J.P. Weigle
J.P. Weigle road bicycle (1980-USA) John's pretty bike was once featured in Playboy magazine.

Folding & Small-Wheel Bicycles

Dirt Bros.
Dirt Brothers street bicycle (1990s-USA) Redline hubs (14mm), Mavic rims, FBM stem.

Formicone bici
Formicone folding bicycle (1970s-Italy) with plastic 20-inch mag wheels. Sam Fitzsimmons brought this to Philly.

Grazziella tandem
Grazziella tandem folding bicycle (c.1970-Italy) white with blue trim, 20" wheels, Sturmey-Archer three-speed drive and drum brakes, one size fits most, seen on NBC-TV

Gandy's GT
GT Pro Series bmx bicycle (1980s-USA) Here's one of Gandy's cool bikes. Chrome frame, 20 x 1" tires, Campagnolo cranks.

Kent 1000 Rad Style bmx bicycle (1990s-Taiwan) one-speed, hand brakes.

Motobecane folding bicycle (1970s-France) white, Sturmey-Archer 3-speed, 22-13/8" wheels.

Moulton Speed
Moulton Speed roadster bicycle (c.1966-England) After many owners and changes it's still on the road with "Pops."

Moulton Mk III
Moulton Mk III roadster bicycle (c.1972-England) Cherry red with black rear, dual suspension, 16 x 1-3/8" (349) tires.

Alex Moulton AM14 touring bicycle (1990-England) metal-gray Reynolds 531 tubing.

Raleigh Twenty
Raleigh Twenty folding bicycle (1970s-England) Andy recently found this in original condition. He wanted it lighter. We replaced aluminum rims, crankset, bars, stem and seatpost.

Sears Tote-Cycle
Sears Tote-Cycle folding cargo bicycle (1970-Austria) 20-inch wheels, Torpedo 3-speed, front & rear carriers.

Swift Folder
Swift Folder touring bicycle (2000-Brooklyn) Steve rides an official test bike, with titanium seat post and steering tube.

Swift Folder bicycle frameset (2002-Brooklyn)