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Track - Fix-Gear & Single-Speed - Cross - Hors Category - Road Racing - Road Touring - Roadster & Cruiser - Folding & Small-Wheels

Here are bicycles we've recycled, assembled, installed, tuned, restored, or just looked at. We are proud to have seen some of the finest cycling machines in the world, and also some of the worst.

These bikes are not for sale here.
They belong to friends and customers.

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Update Sunday, 22 December 2019
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Track Bicycles

3Rensho Cyclone track bicycle (Japan) This aerodynamic San Rensho was posed with a bottle of pink Pepto... so as not to upset the gods with perfection.

Atala track bicycle (1970s; Italy) Posing in Taliah's studio, tutto tricolori.

Cannondale Team Puma track bicycle (2005; USA) Squid got a second edition Puma Team bike, fresh from Kyotoloco.

Cannondale Team Puma track bicycle (2005; USA) A special edition Major Taylor bike for the Puma messenger racing team. This is Squid's machine. 8 photos

Circle A Cycles track bicycle (2005; Providence RI) A stunning work of art by Circle A Cycles, raced at Kissena this season. 6 photos

Johnny Coast track bicycle (2005; Brooklyn) New Yorker frame builder Johnny Coast is beginning to roll, this one for Rob, one of NYC's EMS keirin bikers. 9 photos by Rob

Johnny Coast track bicycle (2005-Brooklyn) James' new ride made by Johnny Coast, a touring track bike. After crossing the U.S. in 2004 on fixed-gear w/ brake, James has gone to Spain totally fixed!!! His custom bottle opener puts all others to shame. 14 photos

Ciocc time-trial track bicycle (c.1990-Italy) Garrett from Amsterdam has a masterpiece. 12 photos

Alvin Drysdale track bicycle (c.1950s-NYC) I'm told this is a genuine NYC-made Drysdale frameset, by the Brooklyn Vintage Velodrome Wheelmen omnipotent despot. Alvin Drysdale built lightweight bicycles in Manhattan, working from the 1920s until the 1950s. He made bikes with his own name, such as Drysdale Special, and with other names including Alvin, Velox, and possibly Ace and Red Devil, for "jobbers" or distributors Jonas B. Oglaend Inc. and Otto C. Ling Co. 14 images

Fuji track bicycle (2004; Taiwan) This one disfigured in traffic.

GT track bicycle WARNING --

Iro track bicycle (2005) Ken S_9 rides this in alley cats and track races. But not while rockn NYBMA's super website.

Jonny Cycles track bicycle (2005; Madison, Wisconsin) Don't ya think Jonny has done stunning work on this masterpiece for Kevin? 8 photos

Look KG396 track bicycle (2003; France) Designed for sprint racing, Roman found his dream bike. "Who needs sex," he spoke of it. 14 photos

Lotus track bicycle (1980s; Japan) 7 photos

Marinoni track bicycle (c.1990-Canada) Zach got a new one after a his unknown cracked. This nice guy could win Monster Track!!! his beautiful bike has a Maple Leaf crown. 9 photos

Monster Track VI track bicycles (2005; NYC) Here are a few bikes at Sixth annual Monster Track alleycat bike race, fixed gear, no brakes, starts at dusk on Saturday night in NYC in wintry February. The bikes include a Mel Pinto, a Le Croco, the King Felipe's bike, and a Medici. We were Official Check Point #3 at top of Williamsburgh Bridge. 18 photos

Mercian track bicycle (c.2000; England) Arone Dyer is the new sunshine at Bike Works, this is her vehicle of expression. With a podium at Monster Track, she's 2005 Rider of the Year at Kissena's Twilight Track Series. 11 photos

Orbit Pista track bicycle (1995; Great Britain) with Reynolds 531 frame and fork. 7 photos

Taguchi-Kalavinka track bicycle (Japan) NYC Alert: CMWC 2005 Keirin Bicycle Invasion.

Unknown track bicycle (c.1990) 6 photos

Yamaguchi track bicycle (2004)

Fixed-Gear & Single-Speed Bicycles

Aegis fixed-gear road bicycle (1990s; East Boothbay, Maine) Hand made carbon frame, with dropout replacement. Aegis: "an ode to originality, individual expression and the elegant contrast of high technology and old-world craftsmanship." 6 photos

Atala road bicycle (1960s; Italy) Ed brought in this specialissimmo Atala frame, with very fancy Art Deco lugs, all chrome intact. 8 photos

Alex Badiak fixed-gear bicycle (2005, NYC) Steve Klein commissioned this classic custom frame back in 1965. Once Mr. Badiak brazed the main frame sometime in the late 1970s, it was hung for curing, when suddenly a fork was made in the early 1990s. The frameset was painted this spring 2005, and here you see it now. Mr. Badiak not only builds frames, we have to roll out a red carpet because, with his local Iron Workers Union, most of the bumps on Williamsburg Bridge bikepath are history!! 5 photos

D'accordi crono road bicycle (1990; Italy)

D'accordi fixed-gear road bicycle (1995; Italy) 8 photos

On-One Il Pompino single-speed bicycle (2004; England) 4 phots

Peugeot fixed-gear road bicycle (c.1980; France)

Raleigh Competition fixed-gear road bicycle (1970; England) What a joy to assemble Jeff's classic 531 frame, repainted in Raleigh red. 7 photos

Rivendell Quickbeam fixed-gear bicycle

Ross Neon Celery fixed-gear road bicycle It's a Tom Kellogg-designed Ross decorated as Neon Celery.

Soma Rush fixed-gear bicycle (2005) The basis of a quality fixed-gear urban vehicle. Designed in SF, made in TPE, assembled in NYC, sent to LA, for Andrew from AUS. 3 photos

Hors Category Cycles

Charlie Cunningham mountain bicycle (January 1983; Fairfax CA) Jacquie Phelan brought her famous bike, Otto, for Taliah to draw and paint. 9 photos

Team Fat Chance Yo Eddy mountain bicycle (1990; USA) "Made in Saratoga County, New York" with Planet X fork replacement. 9 photos

F.H. Grubb touring bicycle (c.1950; Wimbledon, England) 13 photos

Jason's 29er bicycle (2004; Springfield, Illinois) 8 photos

Memorial bicycle in Park Slope (June 2005) I wish she could go back in time when this didn't happen. Seeing more of these places I go, It really sucks to say it's good to see this being done.

Pennine track frameset (Bradford, England) Named for England's mountains painted on seatstay caps. Orange with white lug outlines, 62cm x 60cm Reynolds 531 tubing, semi-twin-plate crown fork.

Surly Karate Monkey 29er bicycle (2004; USA/Taiwan) Lady Arone rode in on this Surly sweet Habitat-custom, borrowed from her housemate, while the Mercian recoups, after winning R1 stage race.

Road Racing Bicycles

Atala Record road bicycle (1980; Italy) "Hand made by Cesare Rizzato & C. s.p.a. Padova Italy" with Reynolds 531 tubing and Campagnolo Nuovo Record group. 7 photos

Andre Bertin road bicycle (c.1980-Made in France) A young man's first road racing bike, now a young woman's entering triathlon bike, soon to convert to single-speed fixed-gear. Vitus tubing, Philippe guidon & stem, Simplex derailleurs, TA Tevano crankset. 11 photos

Giant T-Mobile Team road bicycle (2004; Tiawan) Just another Euro bike to put a chain on. Where's the SRM power? So when will team Magenta win again? 10 photos

Guerciotti road bicycle (1980s; Italy)

Francesco Moser road bicycle (1980s; Italy) with concealed gear cables and skip-tooth outer chainring.

Slingshot road bicycle (2005) Hard rider Mike's bike with Campy Record, and fancy handlebar wrap.

Somec road bicycle (1990; Italy) 6 photos

Time Team Quick-Step road racing bicycle (2005; Italy)
Taliah and I went to see the Giro d'Italia with Bike Camp. In Florence, we saw the Olympic champion, Paolo Bettini and his special gold-medal commemorative bike.

Road Touring Bicycles

Aegis mtb all-rounder bicycle (1990s; East Boothbay, Maine) Hand made carbon frame, repainted matte black, with Tange chromoly fork and orange Velocity rims.

Jonny Coast road touring bicycle (2005; Brooklyn)

Karl's Expedition bicycle (c.1988-Japan) Another stunning assembly with the grand randonneur and breveteur. We call him "the Duke." 7 photos

Gunnar Cross Hairs roadster bicycle (2004-Waterford, Wisconsin) 10 photos

Jonny Cycles road bicycle (2005; Madison, Wisconsin) Lydia's custom bike by Jon Kendziera of Jonny Cycles, she'll ride in Africa.

Olmo De Luxe road touring bicycle (1960s; Italy) il authentico tricolore cicliarti resprayola. 5 photos

Peugeot touring bicycle (1980s; France) Here's a beauty owned by a cheerful gent from round the corner. It competes for attention with the Schwinn Club.

Rivendell Romulus road touring bicycle (2004) Here's Hannah's "Romy" in Taliah's studio, Last year "Romy" went to France to see Lance. 11 photos

Surly Cross Check bicycle (2004; Taiwan) This one MJ uses for cyclo-cross and commuting. 7 photos

Roadster & Cruiser Bicycles

Breezer Villager city bicycle (2005; Taiwan) Since I've known Joe Breeze before he made the first mountain bike, he asked me to assemble one of his bikes for a healthy planet, for a Men's Journal photo. 4 photos

Breezer Uptown 8 city bicycle (2005; Taiwan) What a blast keeping up with the Tour de Bronx elites on road bikes. 3 photos

Karl's free-to-ride cruiser bicycle Found at a workers site, it was liberated from an ownership society.

Monark Crescent roadster bicycle (1970-Sweden) Welded steel frame with chrome fork and one-peice bracket, 10-speed Huret derailleur, Nisi rim 27 x 1-1/4 (32-630) tires, Front wingnuts, Titan Luxe chrome stem, Titan S. Maes M. Kint reinfornced dural bars, Esge carrier, Weinmann aluminum fenders, Brooks saddle, white rubber pedals. Team Crescent orange finish, wrap-around headbadge, VŠrldsmŠstarcykeln (Worlds champion bicycle) with rainbow bands earned in 1948. 9 photos

Raleigh roadster bicycle (c.1924; Nottingham, England; s/n 839015) A very fine vintage machine, black with green pinstripe, and Sturmey-Archer Model K three-speed gear with rotating shift lever. 10 photos

Schwinn Jaguar Mark V roadster bicycle (#D428155-Chicago)
Bill belongs to Brooklyn Civic Riders B. C. based around the City Reliquary in Williamsburgh. Here it's in Taliah's studio, with it's radiant coppertone four-coat baked on finish, deluxe-equipped chrome-plated spring fork, chrome-trim tank with built-in horn, stainless steel fenders, with miniature Statue of Liberty and flag of New York City. 14 photos

Folding & Small-Wheel Bicycles

Bridgestone Picnica folding bicycle (2000; Japan) with toothed-belt drivetrain.

Swift Folder Pista track bicycle (2005; Brooklyn) Designed by Peter Reich, this Swift is a special track-legal model, with aluminum frame that's new for 2005. Adapted to comply to track racing rules of UCI and USAC, requiring same-size wheels, minimum diameter 55 centimeters (22-inches). Steve Klein went to Los Angeles with it to see the 2005 World Track Championships at the new indoor velodrome. 6 photos