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Here are bicycles we've recycled, assembled, installed, tuned, restored, or just looked at. We are proud to have seen some of the finest cycling machines in the world, and also some of the worst.

These bikes are not for sale here.
They belong to friends and customers.

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Road Touring Bicycles

Bridgestone XO-3 road touring bicycle (c.1990 Japan)

Johnny Coast grand rando touring bicycle (2011, Brooklyn)

Johnny Coast road touring bicycle (2011, Brooklyn) People all around the globe know Steve "Pops". He's a legendary cyclist in NYC and family here. Why does anyone need a new bike? Because it's there.

French road touring bicycle (c.1959, France) We call this make French cause Guy, nor I, knows which French make it is. With Simplex derailleurs, Macaf Raid brakes, Ideale saddle, and Prior-Grand Bois 650B wheels, with wingnuts.

K. Hershman road touring bicycle (2011, Brooklyn) Katlyn's second complete frame.

Nishiki Prestige road touring bicycle (c.1990, Japan) Feliks likes bikes with bling, but not always for himself.

Rans V-Rex recumbent bicycle (Hays, Kansas) It's a rear-wheel drive, short wheelbase model.

Alex Singer grand rando road bicycle (c.1950, France)

Soma Buena Vista road touring bicycle (2011)

Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bicycle (2010) Lost his first one, this went on continental tour south of equator. It's full of memorable decals and stickers which tell the story.

Velo Orange Polyvalent commutour bicycle (2011) Assembled with complete VO package, including Grand Cru crankset, headset, seatpost and wheels, Nitto bars with VO stem, Shimano Tiagra 9-speed derailleurs with downtube shifters, Panaracer Col de la Vie tires, VO Zeppelin alloy fenders, and Brooks B67 honey saddle.

Custom Wheels

Vintage Wood wheels (Italy) JT and Dave T came back from Milano with these gems. FB single-speed low-flange hubs with CB Italia ash and hickory rims.

Prior hubs - Grand Bois rims 650B road touring wheels (France, Taiwan)

Track, Fixie & Single-Speed Bicycles

All City fixed-gear courier bicycle (2011) Repaired with Surly stainless steel chainring.

Louison Bobet road bicycle (c.1962, St. Etienne, France) After reading Jean Bobet's memroir, "Tomorrow We Ride," old-school legend Mark shows up with this...

Cinelli Red Hook Crit 2011 track bicycle (2011) Asked to build wheels of prize bike! w/document photos & video.

Concord Freedom Deluxe fixed-gear roadster bicycle (c.1970, Japan) This one showed up in Taliah's studio, with leather accents by Ryan of Flux Productions.

EAI Bareknuckle single-speed bicycle (Italy) with Nitto lugged stem and seatpost, IRD cranks, TRP brake levers, Brooks saddle and bar tape, Campagnolo brakes and hubs, Continental Gatorskin tires.

EAI Bareknuckle single-speed bicycle (Italy)

EAI Bareknuckle single-speed bicycle (Italy)

EAI Bareknuckle single-speed bicycle (Italy)

Harry Hall track bicycle (c.1980, England) Fred has an assortment of period fast bikes, we assemble his wheels.

Pake French 75 track bicycle (2011)

SquareBuilt fixed-gear bicycle (2011, Brooklyn) It's the custom bike of our T.A. bike ambassador, Squid. Getting a front keirin brake installed.

Waterford fixed-gear road bicycle (Waterford, Wisconson)

Road Sport Bicycles

Baines International TT road frameset (c.1950, Bradford, England)

Bamboo Bike Studio road bicycle (2011, Brooklyn) Taliah's bamboo frame was assembled to be a casual road bike with some used-but-not-abused Campy components.

Cinelli road bicycle (1984, Italy) Restored with paint job and new-old-stock components.

Colorado race bicycles (2011) We went to the big Tour in Colorado, the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Cadel Evans' TdF winning BMC team, mountains high and Red Zinger reunion. Lots of special cycling machines, like an "old wort" Holdsworthy.

Colnago Super road bicycle (Italy)

Colner road racing bicycle (1970s, Belgium) An old Flemish Colnago. COLNER = COLNago, ERnesto.

Hampsten road bicycle (2000, Seattle)

K. Hershman road bicycle (2011, Brooklyn) It's Katlyn's first complete frame, made of Columbus SLX tubing, with carved lugs.

Hetchins Hellenic Magnum Opus road bicycle (c.1958, England) We are told this is one of seven made in this style.

Independent Fabrications Club Racer road bicycle (USA)

Eddy Merckx Ti EX road bicycle (USA) Designed by Merckx, built by Litespeed.

Jack Taylor Curved-Tube TT road bicycle (c.1952, England)

Hors Category Cycles

Bamboo Bike Studio road bicycle (2011, Brooklyn) An ever evolving bamboo bike...

Bamboo Bike Studio bicycles (2011, Brooklyn) Taliah wanted to support the Bamboo Bike Studio so she signed us up for the frame building class in Red Hook.

Bamboo Bike Studio test frame (2011, Brooklyn) I got to work on a test frame from Bamboo Bike Studio. Cutting BB threads into a natural-fiber composite shell...

Miyata double tall roadster bicycle (2011, Brooklyn)

Roadster & Cruiser Bicycles

Bologna 36er cruiser bicycle (2008, Brooklyn) It was very nice of Paul Fuster to loan me one of his coolest bikes, his 36-inch wheel, gas-pipe dream, cruizer-ride machine.

Bologna Blender fixed-gear cruiser bicycle (2010, Brooklyn) Arone's Blender is back on the road, version 2.0

Bologna Metro roadster bicycle (2010, Brooklyn)

Bologna Metro Speedster roadster bicycle (2010, Brooklyn)

Columbia cruiser bicycle (Last of the made in USA) A restration with new powder-coat, polished original, accessories to come.

Flying Pigeon roadster bicycle (c.2010, China) The colonial classic, assembly from cardboard box. It's got the kickstand that you getta kick twice.

Modified Cruiser bicycle (2010, NYC)

Shelby Flying Cloud cruiser bicycle (1950s, Shelby, Ohio, USA) A heavy-duty customer needs tough wheels with Mavic MTB rims.

Folding & Small-Wheel Bicycles

Kent folding bicycle (1970s, Hungary)

Alex Moulton AM14 road bicycle (c.1985, England) This one has solid rubber tyres. A good solution for a small-wheel suspension bike that needs hard-to-find high-pressure tyres.

Pashley Royal Mail carrier bicycle (1990s, England) Liz found this British bike in South Africa. It's a long story how she got it home.

Schwinn Midget Sting-Ray cruiser bicycle (June 1972, Chicago)