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Track - Fix-Gear & Single-Speed - Cross - Hors Category - Road Racing - Road Touring - Roadster & Cruiser - Folding & Small-Wheels

Here are bicycles we've recycled, assembled, installed, tuned, restored, or just looked at. We are proud to have seen some of the finest cycling machines in the world, and also some of the worst.

These bikes are not for sale here.
They belong to friends and customers.

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Update Sunday, 22 December 2019
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Track Bicycles

Atala Pista track bicycle (c.1960-Italy-#7602448) Steve, aka "Pops." In his everlasting search for purity in cycle sport, whilst racing in Puma's Messenger Challenge, at Kissena Velodrome, There was a Critical Mass: Five cyclists came together in a crash. Steve is OK. Even after a hospital visit, he arrived home only an hour late. Both sides, top and bottom, had track rash. A crank rode over his ribs. He showed-up at NYC MTA Central next morning, and took a week off hard riding. 10 photos

Andre Bertin track bicycle (c.1970; France) with Vitus tubes, Ambrosio pista bars, original T.A. cranks (replaced). 6 photos

Canopus track bicycle (Colombia)
Alina's pin-striped Chub-hubbed Crow's-footed 2004 Monster-track entry. Posing in Taliah's studio. 10 photos

Canopus Micron track time trial bicycle (c.1990-Colombia) Pictures of this Canopus bike were sent by its PC owner. Frame decals show a trojan horse, a pair of "micron" orbs, and a brazing torch, with the script, "hand-brazed in Colombia." Very rad.

Cinelli Olympic track bicycle (Italy)
Rose needed a worthy vehicle to explore her sprint potential.

Dave No. 4 track bicycle (2004-Brooklyn) Making this frame--worts and all---makes me very proud.

Diamant Original RS track bicycle (c.1970; East Germany DDR) Maybe the frame is made of AFA steel tubing, large-flange hubs by Renak, stem by Elsner, chainring with two-arm, three-bolt pattern, like pre-war Schwinn Paramount cranks.

Diamant track bicycle (1980s; East Berlin) 9 photos

Elly track bicycle (1899-USA) Don't know what make it is, I'll call it an "Elly," as marked on adjustable handlebar and stem with "1899," Eisenmann large flange rear hub, with stripped sprocket threads. Unknown one-piece crankset with 30-tooth inch-pitch chainwheel, and 7-tooth sprocket by Bayless, Wiley & Co. Ltd. Unmarked wood rims, with new Andre Dugast 700c x 27mm tubulars. Features seatpost tightening collar, unmarked pedals & clips. 12 photos

Fanini track bicycle (c.1990; Italy) with Gipiemme cranks and Zeus hubs. 8 photos

Dennis Fletcher track bicycle (Great Britain) A Reynolds 531 frame from D.G. Fletcher & Son Racing Cycles of Redditch, England. With Cinelli bars and stem, Campagnolo Record Pista cranks, hubs, and special two-sided cutaway pedals with exposed red-painted spindles. Notice the Fletcher shield on fork blades and Super Champion Competition rims.

Gan Well Pro keirin racing bicycle (1990s-Kyoto, Japan)

Gan Well Pro keirin racing bicycle (1990s-Kyoto, Japan)

Georama track bicycle (Japan) Erin Nicole came by to show her new keirin bike. It came via T-Town's Spring Swap thanks to the Tokyo-Kyotoloco messenger crew. A "Special Hand Made for Pro" frame, with sparkling red/green finish, unlike her Celtic white Mercian. Equipped with Suntour Superbe Pro group, Hatta headset, Nitto bars and stem.

Gitane track bicycle (1970s-France)

Grebart track bicycle (c.1990-Denmark) A courier from Copenhagen visited the shop. 8 photos

Hetchins track bicycle (c.1963; Tottenham, London; #H3255) A blue frame of Reynolds 531, with Mountain King long-point lugs, twin-plate fork crown, "Star of David" seat lug pinstriping, and special hand-painted "American Flag" on a 53cm seat tube. The kit includes Campagnolo Record crankset, pedals and seatpin, Cinelli badged stem, Ambrosio Champion handlebars, BH Airlite hubset, Mavic Professional rims, Brooks Swallow saddle. 16 photos

Land Shark track bicycle (John Slawta-Oregan) white with skulls, filet-brazed steel tubes, Campagnolo cranks, hubs, Syncros hinge-clamp stem.

Lejeune track bicycle (c.1970-France)

Metax track bicycle (Unknown) It's named a Metax, for it's Columbus stainless steel tubing. Friends of Jess found her a 47cm frame. We tried to remedy an eccentric drivetrain.

Omelenchuk track bicycle (c.1955-Warren, Michigan) George Omelenchuk was a speed skater, cyclist, coach, and do-it-yourself bike maker, welding frames, machining hubs, and extruding wheel rims. This one came from Sam Fitzsimmons at T-town swap, just the frame, fork, headset, bottom bracket (Walton & Brown Ltd), inch-pitch crankset (Williams), and 27.2mm seatpin (1/2" top clamp). The frame features open-end fork blades top and bottom, and open-end seat stay tops...

Painted KHS track bicycle (2002-Tiawan)

Peugeot track bicycle (c.1970-France)

Dick Power track bicycle (c.1950-New York City) Another Dick Power resurrected! This one made at 92-03 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights, 72. Irene bought this rare relic from "a man who didn't know what he had." She wants it restored and rideable. A chromed frame of Reynolds butted tubing joined with Nervex lugs and bb shell, twin-plate fork crown, Titan stem and bars, old-school six-day bar tape, Chater Lea cranks and pedals, Airlite high flange hubs, Mavic tubular rims, Everything appears as it was, except its Avocet saddle, and 1970s tubular tires still holding air! Here's another Dick Power.

Rigi Bici-Corta track bicycle (c.1980 Italy) Giorgio Rinaldi designed this "short-bike" with steep 77-degree head and 78-degree seat tube angles and double tube "space frame" seat tube.

Schwinn Paramount tandem track bicycle (c.1956; Chicago)
I'm told this is a U.S. Olympic Team bike, equipped at John's in Pasadena. Black finish, filet-brazed marathon-braced chrome molybdenum frameset, Campagnolo Record headset, bottom brackets & cranksets with inch-pitch chainrings, BH Airlite high-flange hubs, Super Champion Arc-en-ciel rims, Clement tires. 13 photos

Schwinn Paramount track bicycle (March 1972--Chicago) Feauturing rare Schwinn-style dropout with derailleur hanger, Campagnolo pista hubs with between-spoke-hole drillium flanges.

Schwinn Paramount track bicycle (June 1974--Chicago)

Schwinn Paramount track bicycle (June 1976-Chicago-#F619)

Some kinda track bicycle Chrome fork has oval blades with muscular square-tube mid-section. Phil Wood hubs (radial front), black track stem, alley cat spoke cards.

Spectrum track bicycle (Tom Kellogg-USA) Karl has more than one track Spectrum. This is his massed-start machine. It has special mono-tube seat stay, same as his time trial bike (below), and two-tone black and burgundy paint highlights lug work. Equipped with Gimpieme cranks, Durace chainring, Toshi double toe straps, and last butt not least, a rare Spectrum-stitched Concor saddle.

Spectrum TT track bicycle (Tom Kellogg-USA) Karl's time trial track bike is a steel frame, with lugged, bi-laminate and fillet-brazed construction, featuring a front-sloping main triangle on same-size wheels, with a mono-tube seat stay, a style seen on his other Spectrum. Equipped here with Campagnolo gold cranks, Vision aero bars, and clincher wheels.

Unknown track bicycle (c.1980-Italy???) Another fake, this one, a fakin Schwinn Paramount. With unusual Italian-thread cut-away bracket shell and thin-plate rear track ends, maybe fork tips look Schwinn. Who knows the story?

Yamaguchi time trial track bicycle (1990s; Colorado) One of the original asymetric frames, built by Koichi Yamaguchi, assembled here at Bike Works. 12 photos

Fixed-Gear & Single-Speed Bicycles

Bianchi Pista track bicycle (2003-USA) with sprayola paint and carbon blade fork.

Benotto fixed-gear bicycle

Bottecchia Special single-speed bicycle (c.1970--Italy) What goes round comes round. This reborn Bottecchia city bike, a chrome-lugged single-speed all-rounder, came to Karl after he'd donated a Nishiki to Recycle-A-Bicycle, after his nice commuter was stolen outside one night, and after we got this frame from a Recycle-A-Bicycle donation. With upside-down Nitto Promenade handlebars, Mafac brakes, and Planet Bike fenders with front and rear "bidon" mudguards, made of a Paris-Nice Audax waterbottle.

Condor single-speed road bicycle (1980s; London) All nice bits on a metalic-coloured frame of Reynolds 531c...

Coventry Eagle fixed-gear road bicycle (1960s Great Britain) A classic father-to-son hand-me-down character builder. The ancient Eagle Cycle became Coventry Eagle, then Falcon by 1970. Wrap-round seat stay cluster, Brooks B17 saddle, SR Royal cranks with drilled spiders.

D'accordi fixed-gear road bicycle (Italy) Chris brought this gem for wheels & assembly. Columbus SLX tubing with nickel protection, blue & pearl finish with full chrome fork & stays. Gipiemme cranks & brakes, Zeus seatpost & pedals, Record hubs, Mavic rims, I.S.C.A. saddle, Ambrosio bars & Cinelli stem. 13 photos

Flash fixed-gear path racer bicycle (c,1970-Australia-#2881) likely from Rose Clinton of South Africa.

Frejus Tour de France fixed-gear road bicycle (Italy) 8 photos

Gardin road time trial bicycle (c.1990; Canada) Spencer's bike represents old-school aerodynamics and single speed. 5 photos

K. Giessauf track bicycle (c.1975; Adelaide, South Australia; #11) I believe this race bike came from International Cycles, a shop owned by the Giessuaf family. Red with white pin-stripes on fancy lugs, with world champions' bands, Came in with freewheel and brakes, hoopty-style cones as axle nuts. 10 photos

Granby Taper Tube fixed-gear path racer bicycle (1930s-Great Britain) Michael brings a certain kind of restorative spirit, from original bits & pieces,frozen thru time past. This gem with special shape tubing and lugs, has The "Cantilever" Brake, marked as Rod model, but with split-cable, single-lever Bowden-system. Also includes tubular-tire wood rims by Jantes Clement (France), flip-flop rear hub with 9-tooth inch-pitch cog, High Gate-style handlebars and grips, narrow Brooks Champion Sprinter saddle. 11 photos

Green and black fixed-gear bicycle (c.2004; NYC) A Black Label work-in-progress, "Bonita banana" hi-ten steel frame, rigid fork and Doyle-made dropout conversion, with Greentyre flat-free tires. 6 photos

Ishiwata-frame single-speed bicycle (Japan)

Bob Jackson fixed-gear road touring bicycle (c.1972; Leeds, England) Peter's bike comes with a Story: He got it at Sugden & Lynch in Menlo Park, when I was a kid in their window.

Lejeune fixed-gear track bicycle (France)

Eddy Merckx MX Leader fixed-gear road bicycle (2002-Belgium)

Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra SLX fixed-gear bicycle (c.2000-Belgium)

F. Moser fixed-gear track bicycle (2001; Italy) 6 photos

Nashbar single-speed bicycle (2003--USA/Taiwan) Bargain aluminum frame and carbon fork with Bike Works economy kit, with Jalco-Sovos wheels, Bulletbroof cranks, Surly Singleator.

Peugeot single-speed track bicycle (c.1970; France)

Pinarello Prologo road single-speed bicycle (c.1990-Italy)

Raleigh Super Course MK II fixed-gear road bicycle (c.1970-England)

Raleigh Super Course single-speed road bicycle (c.1970-England)

Raleigh Technium single-speed road bicycle with special Top Line cranks. 3 photos

Schwinn Paramount fixed-gear road bicycle (October 1972-Chicago-#J7276) Lydia found this classic chrome-lug Reynolds 531 frame, with special decals and a Los Angeles bicycle license. Set up as a solid fixed-gear ride.

Soma fixed-gear track bicycle (2004; Taiwan)

Surly Steamroller fixed-gear bicycle (2003)

Off-Road Bikes

Ellsworth Specialist trials bicycle (2003-Ramona, California)

Fat Chance Yo Eddy mountain bicycle (USA)

Freeride bicycle (2004-USA)

Koxx XTP 26" trials bicycle (2004; Choisy en Brie, France) A new form of trials bike, designed without seat or post. Maybe useful for technical trials at Critical Mass, as this photo... 11 photos

Litespeed Unicoi mountain bike (2003-USA)

Planet X trials bicycle (2004; Taiwan)

Road Racing Bicycles

R. Brian Baylis Special road bicycle (c.1985-California) Unique powder blue with cream spongiform finish, not by Baylis, with criterium geometry and beatiful slender, round fork blades, with Shimano 105 group and Medici stem. Unfortunately, this bike was lost in a trailer fire at FedEx's shipping hub in NJ. 8 photos

Bilenky road racing bicycle (1990s; Philadelphia) Frame builder Simon Firth says this was his first one of welded aluminum, custom assembled of supersized tubing with heavy-duty gussets for a strong racer. Now recycled as a decent commuter for "the mayor" at Bike Works, John Lindsay. 6 photos

Bottecchia road bicycle (c.1990; Italy) Teodoro Carnielli & C., Vittorio Veneto. Carnielli 80 Years in Sports, 1909--1989. Hand Made Columbus Cromor tubing. 11 photos

Caminade Caminargent road bicycle (France) frame of aluminum tubes with fastened lugs.

Cannondale Ideal Tile Team road bicycle (2004-USA) Jared Bunde's bike has SRM Powermeter.

Colnago C-40 road racing bicycle (2002; Italy) Mavic wheels, FSA Carbon cranks, Campag Record shifting.

Condor road racing bicycle (1968; London) Frame built by Bill Hurlow, with Campag nuovo record kit. 9 photos

D'accordi road racing bicycle (Italy) green and pearl with nickel plating, Oria tubing.

Land Shark road racing bicycle (USA) It's Tara's bike, on loan for Taliah's paintings. yellow with silver stars, filet-brazed steel tuubes, Shimano Dura-Ace group, Mavic Helium wheels. With a 9-11 memorial for Nancy.

Masi Special road bicycle (1963-Milano) In 1963, Michael Allison a young American cyclist, hardened by two seasons of kermeese racing in Belgium, went to Milan, under the famed Vigorelli velodrome, to Faliero Masi for his custom built bike of a lifetime. 26 photos

Raleigh Professional road bicycle (1978-England) Karl has been consolidating his collection of rides. This one he recently sold to make way for another.

Tommasini Super Prestige triathlon bicycle (c.1990-Italy)

Trek USPS road racing bicycle (2001-USA)

Road Touring Bicycles

3Rensho road bicycle (Japan)

Atlantis road touring bicycle (2002-USA)

Bianchi Volpe road touring bicycle (c.1999; Taiwan) with moustache bars, STI controls, Brooks saddle.

Claude Butler Dalesman touring bicycle (c.1980-Holdsworthy-England) burgundy finish, 60cm x 58.5cm, lugged Reynolds 531 ST tubing, Stronglight triple cranks with 52-42-32 drillium rings, Suntour Cyclone 15-speed with downtube shifters, 27 x 1-1/4" wheels with Wolber model 58 aluminum rims, Dia-Compe cantilever brakes, GB Stelvio stem and bars, pannier rack, silver chromoplastic fenders. 12 photos

Casati road bicycle (Italy) Vicente's bike weathered many miles, so he decided to restore the frame by Joe Bell. Steel SLX tubing with internal cable routing, brake and gear. Here you can see how an old passion becomes renewed. Vicente was gracious, as always, when its first paint chip occurred.

Condor road touring bicycle (1962-London) Michael's Campy-equiped Bill Hurlow-built restoration lightweight.

Dawes club touring bicycle (1930s; Birmingham, England) owned by Michael Lebron in NYC, restored by Robin Walker in Shropshire. Williams C34 47-tooth crankset, Bayless, Wiley & Co. bottom bracket & front hub, Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub gear, Cyclo Champion du Monde pedals, Dunlop Special Lightweight Chrome rims (26 x 1-1/4"), Brampton headset, Reynolds stem, Lauterwsser steel bars, Shockstop grips, Victree Springring bell, Thapex brass pump, Blumels Lightweight fenders, Brooks B17 saddle, Bermalux seatpin (26.4mm diameter).

De Antonüs road touring bicycle (Italy) cicli De Antonüs fatta a mano dal 1933

Gios Evolution road bicycle (c.1990-Italy)

Guerciotti SLX road bicycle (Italy) Charles wanted a better fit than his Masi Prestige.

Peter Johnson road touring bicycle (1990-Redwood City) Two old friends come together with this bike and rider. This is Jobst Brandt's Peter Johnson, a handmade masterpiece for an enormous stature. 11 photos

Liberia road touring bicycle (France)

Maruishi Wanderer road touring bicycle (1989--Japan) One of our NOS Maruishi touring bikes became a smart man's Rivendell thanks to John of Santa Cruz, CA. I call it a Riverdale, John provides the details here.

Mongoose road bicycle (USA)

Dave Moulton road bicycle (c.1980-USA) This one made for the Recherche cycling team, now a classic tourer.

Paragon Continental Club touring bicycle (1950s; Nottingham, England)

Pegoretti road bicycle (2004-Italy) One of the most beautiful vehicles at Interbike, Sr. Pegoretti created this... 6 photos

Peugeot Bordeaux road bicycle (1984-France) Hilary's new ride has white components-- cranks, shifters, saddle, bar tape and toe straps.

Peugeot PX10 road bicycle (1970s-France) Akin to the bike of young Eddy Merckx.

Richard Sachs road touring bicycle (c.1980; Chester, CT) With 27" Super Champion Gentleman clincher rims on Campagnolo hobs.

Schwinn Continental 10-speed bicycle and shipping crate (c.1965-USA)

Viscount road touring bicycle (1970s-England) Charles' "Trusty" Viscount has survived as city transport, after kvetching botton bracket overhaul.

Roadster & Cruiser Bicycles

A.N.T. roadster bicycle (2004-Massachusetts) Lydia's gorgeous machine, by Mike Flanigan of Alternate Needs Transportation.

A.N.T. roadster bicycle (2004; Massachusetts) Noah Budnick, of Transportation Alternatives, had Mike Flanigan, of Alternate Needs Transportation. build his custom carrier cycle.

Avon Retrobike roadster bicycle (c.2000; India)

Batavus Mixte Racer roadster bicycle (1970s; Netherlands) A classic frame worth recycling as lightweight urban wheels.

Cadillac ATB touring bicycle (2001; NYC) 7 photos

Columbia School Desk (1960s; Westfield, Massachusetts, USA) From the School Furniture division of bicycle maker Columbia Mfg. Co.

English roadster bicycle (c.1970--2004; Allied Nations) I notice more bikes have been affected by 9-11. We helped Matt assemble this critical mass response unit, It's special force is Torpedo two-speed coaster brake. I feel more secure seeing it around.

Golden Lion roadster bicycle (c.1980; China) Shown here without sidecar attached.

Iver Johnson ladies cruiser bicycle (c.1935; USA)

Peugeot mixte roadster bicycle (c.1970; France) 4 photos

Raleigh Sprite 5-speed roadster bicycle (c.1975; Great Britain)

Raleigh Superbe roadster bicycle (1970s; England)

Raleigh Tourist roadster bicycle (1978; England)

Roadmaster Jet cruiser bicycle (c.1965; USA)

Roma Sport Riviera Cruiser bicycle (1960s; Italy) Balloon-tire cantilever frame with tank and Sturmey-Archer 3-speed gear.

Skyway folding roadster bicycle (c.1960s; Japan)

Folding & Small-Wheel Bicycles

Astra foldiing bicycle (1970s; France) Taliah's first NYC commuter bike.

Bike Friday Touring bicycle (c.2002; Eugene, OR) A rare all-white model, even the chain guard!

Bridgestone Picnica folding bicycle (c.2000; Japan) with belt-drive transmission.

GT BMX bicycle (Santa Ana, CA) pink 4130 chrome-moly frame, ACS Z rims, Maxy Cross cranks, Dyno D2 guard, Flying Wedge handlebars.

Moulton AM14 road touring bicycle (c.1990; Bradford on Avon, England) Addison brought this to the shop when it was almost new, his second Moulton, stable mate of his Tour Easy recumbent. Now he sends it off to another Moultoneer in Japan. 7 photos

Paisley Chopper bicycle with upholstered frame and banana seat.

Specialized freestyle bicycle (2004)
Brittany's bike has a new makeover. Pink is Powerful.

Worksman Low Gravity B utility bicycle (c.1980-USA) Mr Rico is considered one of the finest supers in the neighborhood.