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Road Touring - Custom Wheels - Track, Fixie & Single-Speed - Mountain - Road Sport - Hors Category - Roadster & Cruiser - Folding & Small-Wheels

Here are bicycles we've recycled, assembled, installed, tuned, restored, or just looked at. We are proud to have seen some of the finest cycling machines in the world, and also some of the worst. These bikes belong to customers, friends, family and others.

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Update Sunday, 22 December 2019
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Road Touring Bicycles

Johnny Coast road touring bicycle (2013-Brooklyn) George is a great benefactor of NY cycling who needs a custom size bike. Here's his Johnny Coast, before it was displayed at the Bike Cult Show.

Fuji Feather five-speed road touring bicycle (2014) With rare re-shelled Sturmey-Archer S5 hub.

Raleigh International road touring bicycle (c.1970, England) Eric's bike was assembled for the 10th D2R2 (Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnee).

Resurrectio road touring bicycle (c.1980s) Alex has one of those rare resurrected bikes... with Rivendell's decal set.

Schwinn Super Le Tour road bicycle (c.1965, Chicago)

Surly Cross-Check touring bicycle (2014) With Nitto bars, Brooks Flyer saddle, Berthoud steel fenders, Dajia expedition rack.

Surly Cross Check touring bicycle (2010) Matt has new wheels for a long overseas adventure.

Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bicycle (2005) Ben replaced his Fuji frame for a repaired LHT.

Rachel Taylor road touring bicycle (2013, Brooklyn) "Raytay" built her own allrounder frame, with disc brakes.

Custom Wheels

BH Airlite hubs - Weinmann rims 27-inch wheels (1950s, England) With a classic 40-hole "telephone dial" 100mm spoke flange double-side-fixed-gear hubs.

Musselman hub - CB Italia 700c wood rim wheels (1907 USA, 2012 Italy) Special wheels for Bernard's Black Diamond roadster.

Schmidt Son deluxe - Dura Ace cassette - Super Champion 650b wheels Vic has another French rando project for these.

SP-Dynamo - Rohloff Speedhub - Mavic touring wheels (2014)

Zeus Competition wheels (1970s, Spain) It's a tubular-tire, tied-and-soldered, rideable restoration, with rims from France instead of original Akront.

Track, Fixie & Single-Speed Bicycles

Alan road single-speed bicycle (c.1985, Italy) Some perfect components for this aluminum classic frame.

Centurion single-speed road bicycle (c.1990, Japan) The fleet-foot townie of a WE Biker.

Cinelli track bkack bicycle (2013) Nice example of matte black refinish with bike re-assembly.

Coarse track bicycle (2014, Brooklyn) Stephan "Fish" from Amsterdam rolled by before Red Hook Crit on his fillet-brazed rig made in Bushwick by Billy Maynard.

Alvin Drysdale Velox track bicycle (c.1950, New York) With inch-pitch block chain and Frejus pista hubs.

Factory Five custom single-speed bicycle (2014) Flannery has... what began as a new boyfriend...

Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra road single-speed bicycle (c.1985, Belgium)

Eddy Merckx fixed-gear road bicycle (c.1985, Belgium #2962)

Nagasawa fixed-gear bicycle (c.2000, Japan) A beater basket bike with Suntour Superbe Pro track bits, VO Porteur bars and Brooks C17 Cambium saddle.

Pake Rum Runner chrome gray single-speed bicycle (2014) Eric has got near perfect with this vehicle.

Dick Power track bicycle (c.1950, New York) A U.S. National Champion stars and stripes jersey wearing woman rode this vintage bike, with a Saint Christopher head badge and Chater-Lea inch-pitch cranks. Vic brought Airlite hubs and Weinmann rims for wheels building.

Mountain Bikes

Benjamin Cycles Mud Honey Booboo mountain bike (2013, NYC) Ben's 29-inch singlespeed is caked from the mud of Croton Aquaduct Trail and the snow of NYC.

Cannondale Flash mountian bike (c.2012) Hardtail 26" with (sweet) Lefty monoblade fork.

Soma Analog mountain bike

Voodoo single-speed mountain bike (c.2010) It's the spokey-doked all-rounder of Patrick, manager at Recycle-A-Bicycle LES.

Road Sport Bicycles

Basso road bicycle (c.1990, Italy) This classic is kept so clean, it reminds of the coach's advice comparing personal hygene and bicycle maintenance: "Wipe your bike as you do your ass!"

Bianchi LX Strada road bicycle (Italy) Refinished frame and upgraded wheels.

Cervelo R5 SL road bicycle (2013)
With SRAM shifters and Mavic hoops.

Colnago Master Gilco road bicycle (c.1988, Italy) with Ernesto Colnago-pantograph Campagnolo SR cranks.

Frejus Supercorsa road bicycle (c.1965, Italy)

Lemond Tourmalet road bicycle (c.1998) Amazing "keeper" brought in for frame saving, rust removal and touch-up paint. With free-torque PowerCranks and S&S couplers added by Bilenky.

Merlin Titanium road bicycle (c.1995, USA)

Moser Strada road bicycle (c.1995, Italy)

Pinarello Dogma road bicycle (2013) Nelson's new Campy-equipped Gran Fondo Sky-byke.

Ritchey Breakaway road bicycle (c.2005) Marcus has a well-used portable classic road bike.

Salsa Campeon road frameset (c.2010) Special paint finish with custom decals and clear coat.

Schwinn Paramount P-13 road bicycle (1970, Chicago, #B7036) Peter came of age to score his first love.

Soma ES road bicycle (2014) With Campagnolo Veloce 10-speed group, Mavic rims on Velo Orange hubs, VO headset, seatpost and fenders, Shimano medium reach brakes, Ritchey bars, Brooks C-17 Cambium saddle, VP 001 pedals.

Soma ES road bicycle (2014) California hills bike with drop bar IRD thumb shifters.

Specialized road bicycle (c.2010)

Jamie Swan road bicycle (2013, New York) It's Jamie's bike in Taliah's studio.

Zeus Competition road bicycle (c.1970, Spain) It's Bicycle Fetish Day any day! Here's Bill's back-on-the-road, toto grupo, hecho-en-espana, Zeus.

Roadster & Cruiser Bicycles

Achielle Oma roadster bicycle (c.2010, Belgium)
Lane's neo-classic fiets needed a front drum brake.

Benjamin Cycles Dixte roadster bicycle (2013, Brooklyn) A Bike Works inside job. Liz got Ben to build her disc mixte. She built the Hope hub wheels and wrapped the harliquin handlebar.

Black Diamond roadster bicycle (c.1907, New York) Made in downtown NYC over 100 years ago, with special wheels -- original Musselman hub and CB Italia wood rims.

BSA two-speed roadster bicycle (1950s, England) With Bendix automatic two-speed coaster brake.

Cannondale RAW urban roadster bicycle (2013) Clothing brand G-Star Raw offers a stylish Cannondale Alfine-equipped bike, in olive drab with brown accents, including special Vredestein tires.

Colnago single-speed road bicycle (c.1990, Italy) Nothing like classic road frame with upright anatomic posture.

Fernet Branca cruiser bicycle (2012)

Raleigh DL1 roadster bicycle (c.1970, England) The wonderful renovation of a jaunty gent's wheels. With pea-green powder coat, original chrome bars and cranks, gold pin-striped westrick-style black rims, para-red 28" (635) tyres, front dyno-drum and rear coaster hubs, laced in crow's foot pattern.

Yiddish hybrid bicycle (2012) Eve's bike is shown in progress, with hand-painted goats, pomegranites and script. It reads: "So learn Yiddish already!"

Folding & Small-Wheel Bicycles

BSA 20 three-speed bicycle (1970s, England) Bill's brilliant orange copper-plated runabout.

Strida folding bicycle (c.2010) The easy-to collapse bike that's a design meme.

Hors Category Cycles

Bike Cult Show bicycles (2014, New York) Photos from our 2nd Annual Hand-Built Bicycle Expo at Knockdown Center, organized by Bike Works NYC's Ben Peck and Dave Perry, with Harry Schwartzman of the Bike Jumble.

Brooklyn Museum bicycles (2014, Brooklyn) Is a lot of bikeness at our local Museum of Art. We came to see awesome works by Swoon and Ai Weiwei. Chained-up outside is the AWW Free Spirit bike. Lots more bike stuff inside gift shop.

Con Edison Pedal-A-Watt bicycle (c.2010) Renovated power generator bike, used by our local utility, in educational exhibits, with new drive wheel, fender, chainguard, pearlescent paint and decals.

Fat Chance Xtracycle bicycle (c.1990, Somerville, MA)