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Track - Fix-Gear & Single-Speed - Cross - Hors Category - Road Racing - Road Touring - Roadster & Cruiser - Folding & Small-Wheels

Here are bicycles we've recycled, assembled, installed, tuned, restored, or just looked at. We are proud to have seen some of the finest cycling machines in the world, and also some of the worst.

These bikes are not for sale here.
They belong to friends and customers.

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Track Bicycles

3Rensho Super Light track bicycle (Japan) These pictures were found on the internet.

Keith Anderson track
Keith Anderson track bicycle (1990s-Indianapolis) David Sommerville set it up with 51 x 14 for Kissena roller races.

Bianchi track bicycle (c.1985-Italy)

Campbell Cunefare track bicycle (2002-USA) Zui's race bike has an aluminum frame with CCC track ends, King headset, steel fork, Cinelli Integralter bar-stem, carbon seatpost, Shimano cranks, Izumi chain, Spinergy front, Zipp disc rear wheel.

Casati-made Eddy Merckx
Casati Eddy Merckx track bicycle (1980s-Italy-#2001) Casati-made frame and fork, repainted with Eddy Merckx decals. Shimano Dura-Ace 151-bcd crankset, Campagnolo hubs, Cinelli bars and stem, Mavic Open Pro clincher rims.

Ciocc Pista
Ciocc track bicycle (c.1990-Italy) blue, Columbus SPX tubing, Campagnolo Record group.

Cuevas track bicycle (1970s-USA)

Francisco Cuevas
Cuevas track bicycle (c.1985-USA) with Francisco Cuevas signature.

Dadap #1
Daniel Dadap track bicycle (2003-NYC) Here is Dan's first frame built without a jig. After a bit of cold alignment, it rides just like a bike. The top tube translates as "made by hand in USA" in Russian. Congratulations Dan!

Bill Davidson track bicycle (1976-USA) Rob's track bike comes from the 1970s Northwest School of framebuilders, Reynolds 531 frame and forks in bright green with yellow trim, cloverleaf (trefoil) cutouts on lugs, rear fork tips and bottom bracket shell. Campagnolo pista cranks with 50-tooth 151-bcd chainring. Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles

Frejus pista
Frejus track bicycle (c.1960-Italy-#93240) chrome with ruby red, Columbus tubing, Campagnolo dropouts. Campagnolo Record pista group, with inch-pitch chain drive. Ambrosio stem and bars, Universal brake, leather selle Italia.

Hill Cycle
Hill Cycle Shop track bicycle (1970s-Philadelphia) Jonathan has a bike style I love. This is his Merckxian orange, white pin-stripped, blue-labeled, Reynolds 531-butted, wrap-around seatlugged, tutto-Campagnolo, Cinelli-chromed, track-dropped, T-Town Swapped, Kucharik toeclip-covered, All-American path racer.

Italian track frame (1999-Italy) Pearl white with chrome road fork, 61cm x 58cm (c-c) Columbus lugs, tubes and track ends, drilled for brakes.

Bob Jackson
Bob Jackson track bike (2002-England)

Jevelot by Hugh Enochs
Jevelot track bicycle (USA) Fillet-brazed frame by Hugh Enochs of Mt. View, CA

Lotus track bicycle (1980s-Japan) John had to get a second work bike not long after he got the green J. Dube. Pretty soon the old spindle cracked at the taper. John is tough and he and his bike were OK with a new one.

Masi TT
Masi time trial track bicycle (1990s-Italy) Ashira's fix came by way of T-Town swap, from Alberto Masi's shop. She's added lots of nice details.

Kristel Werckx's Eddy Merckx
Eddy Merckx track bicycle (c.1990-Belgium) It belonged to Kristel Werckx of Belgium, twice a World Championship medalist in points racing, she also won the G.P. Eddy Merckx. A pearl and magenta 51cm x 52cm frame of Columbus SL Profile tubing, with Mavic 144-bcd cranks, Campagnolo Record hubs, Mavic Pista tubular rims.

Squid's Monster Track Merckx
Eddy Merckx track bike (c.1990-Belgium) Squid's bike on the day he won Monster Track 2003

Pogliaghi Italcorse track bicycle (c.1980-Italy-#12264) Sante Poglighi signature, Columbus tubing.

Raleigh Pro
Raleigh Professional track bicycle (c.1970-England-#6593) From the Carlton workshop in Worksop, red, white, blue and chrome. Omar found this in excellent condition, with original Campagnolo group, 3T bars stem, Brooks Pro saddle, wheels change from tubular to clincher.

Rino track bicycle (c.1980-Canada-Italy) Adam's tall, svelte frame may have been made in Ontario or Northern Italy. A relative of Cambio Rino road bike, why not call it Pista Rino?

pre-war Paramount
Schwinn Paramount track bicycle (c.1941-Chicago) Schwinn Team restoration paint and pin stripes by Waterford, Paramount cranks with 26 x 7 tooth inch-pitch chainset, Paramount "telephone dial" hubs with 36-spoke Cerchi Ghisallo wood rims.

Schwinn Paramount track bicycle (March 1974-Chicago-#C74226) green with chrome, Reynolds 531 tubing, Nervex head lugs, Campagnolo dropouts, full Campag Pista group, 50-tooth 151bcd chainring and 16-tooth steel cog, Cinelli track stem and bars, Schwinn 330 tubular rims.

Serotta C3 track bike
Serotta track bicycle (2000-USA) Another from Roman's collection

Seven Fuck Taxis
Seven track bike (2002-USA) This hardcore machine made a quick appearance. We should all give it up to taxis drivers.

Soma Rush
Soma Rush track bicycle (2003) Stupendous saddle to drops reach for a Bike Shorts hero.

Vivalo track bicycle Cutter Sean's Warrior-bound-and-gagged bling-bling Chubby radrenner. Trick or threat, triple-tee carbonated aero bar handles and Cosmic wheels.

Lennard Zinn track frame (c.1985-USA)
Formerly belonging to racer Tracy Lea, found at T-Town swap meet.

Fix-Gear & Single-Speed Bicycles

Alan Quasi-Moto
Alan Quasi-Moto single-speed cross bicycle (c.1990-Italy) Aluminum lugged tubing cyclo-cross frame with flattened top tube, Vertical dropout with Surly Singleator chain tensioner.

Bianchi CuSS
Bianchi CuSS single-speed bicycle (2002-Italy)

Brew Beaver Creek single-speed mountain bicycle (2003-USA) From Blue Ridge Electric & Welding, a very smooth TIG-weld steel frame in black.

Carlton fixed-gear
Carlton fixed-gear track bicycle (England)

Cuevas pista
Cuevas fixed-gear bicycle (c.1970-USA) Johnny Pista rescued this gem from Larry & Jeff's basement long after someone crashed her. With frame tubes rolled and re-aligned, fork drilled, Bike Works economy fixie kit assembled, TLC applied, and she's got a new life for Tracie.

Cunane Indigo
Cunane Indigo fixed-gear bicycle (1996-USA/Taiwan) Eddie got the fixed-gear bug and started with a Schwinn Varsity frame. Here's his Cunane Indigo before and after a major upgrade, with gun metal paint, Phil Wood hubs & bb, King heaadset.

The Dave "Aussie track" coaster-brake bicycle (2003-NYC) Taliah's Dave bike is official U.S. Coaster Brake Team machine. We call it "Aussie track bike" after seeing coaster brakes in the TV movie Tracks of Glory about Major Taylor in Australia.

The Dave "29er" fixed-gear bicycle (2003-NYC) Born to beat the 26 bumps on the Willy-B Bridge...

Faggin 3-speed fixed-gear bicycle (1990s-Italy) Jim found a sacred object on a special track frame: a working Sturmey-Archer ASC three-speed fixed-gear hub. This 40-spoke gem was refit with a 40-spoke Sun CR18 rim, and a 28-spoke Mavic Open Pro for wingnut Airlite front hub. Continental Duraskin tires, Nitto moustache bars, special Brooks leather saddle, Campagnolo pista cranks.

Fuji with Pinecones
Fuji single-speed bicycle (1990s-Taiwan) Zev commissioned a pair of fancy spoked wheels for this city bike. They are 48-spoke four leading four trailing, what I call "Pinecone Wheels."

Pinecone Wheels

GT 20 fixed-gear
GT Pro Class fixed-gear bicycle (USA) We helped Gandy, former World Skid Champ, assemble his latest rig. It's superlight with 20 x 1 wheels and compact chromed-moly frame.

Holdsworth fixed-gear road bicycle (England)

Kogswell fixed gear bicycle (2003-USA/Taiwan) Zev got one of the first batch of Kogswell Fixed Gear frames with Long Shen lugs, Eco chromoly tubes, Kogswell 135mm dopouts, a 1-1/8" threadless fork and two-tone finish of cream and black. We assembled Zev's medley of Ritchey and Shimano bits, with AC Miniholeshot chainring, and wheels with Kogswell hubs and Mavic rims.

Masi Singlespeed
Masi single-speed road bicycle (c.1970s-California) Robert's singlespeed-urban-velo is purebred classic, with Campagnolo C-Record group, custom chainguard, Planet Bike fenders, upright mtb bars with Oury grips.

Amy's Matsuri
Matsuri fixed-gear bicycle (1990s-Japan) Amy's bike fresh from the Color Factory, refit with a Santini fork.

Motobecane Nomade single-speed bicycle (1970s-France) Zev enjoyed this one only a few months until, sadly, the frame was mangled by some motor vehicle while parked outside the NYC Auto Show.

Olmo Gara Pista fixie
Olmo Gara Pista fixed-gear bicycle (1999-Italy-#2156) 59cm x 58cm (c-c) Columbus Gara lugged tubes, chrome road fork, Sugino bb, Dotek cranks, Sugino 41-tooth chainring, Dura-Ace 15-tooth cog, Sovos-Jalco economy fix-gear wheels, Kenda 700c tires, Wellgo track pedals.

Peugeot BBT
Peugeot single-speed road bicycle (1980s-France) Brazed Butted Tubing with internal lugs.

Pinarello Amatore single-speed bicycle (1990s-Italy) Eddie's azzurri blue, Oria tube, Italian stallion, with Phil Wood bb and hubs, King headset, Campag cranks.

Raleigh Competition
Raleigh Competition fixed-gear road bicycle (1969-England) My first road racing bike, c.1971 (below) used from Joselyn's in Menlo Park, black & chrome with tubulars. Soon became cyclo-cross bike with cantilevers and periwinkle repaint. Later ('75) became fixed-gear, 27" clincher, named Cambridge Cruiser, with mud from Alpine Road.

Rixe Fixie
Rixe fixed-gear road bicycle (1960s-Germany) a red and chrome Rixe Fixie, with Stronglight Competition cranks, Phillipe stem and bars, and Hill Cycle Shop (Phila.) decal.

chrome Rossi
Rossi fixed-gear road bicycle (1990s-Italy) chrome, lugged Columbus tubing, Sugino 75 cranks, Surly-Mavic wheels.

Schwinn Superior
Schwinn Superior ASC 3-speed fixed-gear bicycle (c.1940-Chicago-#B1181) I've named this my "World's Fair" bicycle because of it's international components and old-school modern design.

Soma Rush
Surly Steamroller fixed-gear single-speed bicycle (Minnesnowda/Taiwan)

Van Dessel Country Road Bob single-speed bicycle (2002-New Jersey-Taiwan) Zev's one-is-enough-speed city bike, evolving and going round, Shimano DX BMX hubs, with longer MTB rear axle (10mm x 1mm x 174mm).

Road Racing Bicycles

Austro-Diamler Vent Noir II road frameset (c.1980-Austria-#5944129) Metal-plated pewter, 58cm x 58cm Reynolds 531 tubeset, Shimano long rear dropouts with eyelets, chrome semi-flat fork crown, with Campagnolo headset and bottom bracket.

Colnago classic
Colnago road bicycle (c.1980-Italy)

Colnago Decor
Colnago Decor road bicycle (1990-Italy)

Colnago Lux Dream road racing bicycle (2001-Italy) David Somerville's birotate chariot is Cat 1 all the way. Columbus Airplane AU tubing, Colnago carbon fork, King headset, SRM Powermeter cranks, Dura-Ace shifters, Mavic Kysrium wheelset. Bike Works supplied handlebar streamers!!

Colnago Titanio
Colnago Titanio Art Decor road bicycle (2001-Italy) Zeb ran a five-minute mile while this hand-me-down from brother Guillame, was assembled for Spring Series. Reynolds Uzo carbon fork, Campagnolo Record and Chorus group, ITM Millenium bars and stem, Thompson Elite set-back seat pillar, Mavic Kyrsium wheels, Vredestein Fortezza clinchers.

Dreesens TT
Dreesens time trial bicycle (1990s-USA) Peter Dreesens builds custom racing bikes in Pennsylvania.

Holdsworth Professional
Holdsworth Professional road bicycle (c.1970-England) Michael traded one classic Holdsworth for another that fit. Reynolds 531 lugged frame, wrap-round seat cluster, chrome fork labeled Italia indicating factory-made all-Campag model. Unicanitor saddle, Medale d'or rims, D'Alessandro tubulars.

K2 Mod.8.0
K2 Mod.8.0 road bicycle (2003-USA) Bill got this one from a Jittery Joes professional.

LeMond Buenos Aires road bicycle (2000)

Masi GC
Masi Gran Criterium road racing bicycle (1971-Italy) Repaint copper with blue trim and incorrect decals, 57cm c-c, frame stamped S58, fork stamped M58 Added cable routing, bottle cage and shifter mounts.

Masi GC
Masi Gran Criterium road bicycle (Italy) Found in a basement in Italy, this one is marked V60. Note the Masi-signature yellow trim on cutout components, the TTT bars and stem with Alberto's signature, and Campagnolo SR seatpost with MASINI pantograph.

Eddy Merckx Arcobaleno
Eddy Merckx Arcobaleno road bicycle (c.2000-Belgium) Named for the maglia arcobaleno, the World Champion's rainbow jersey. Lugged steel frame of Columbus Neuron tubes.

Eddy Merckx Team SC road bicycle (2002-Belgium) JO's racing machine for 2003. Easton Scandium 7000 aluminum tubing, with carbon fork, Campagnolo Record group, Zipp wheels.

Nashbar road bicycle (2002-USA) Danny found this Nashbar closeout aluminum frame for $129.

Peugeot 531
Peugeot PX-10 road bicycle (c.1975-France) white, Reynolds 531 tubing, Stronglight cranks, Simplex derailleurs, Ideal saddle, Lyotard pedals.

Quattro Assis
Quattro Assi road bicycle (2002-Italy)
Jared replaced his LeMond for this new machine.

Stephen Roche Course La Plagne road bicycle (2000-) Karl's latest racing machine.

Specialized S-Works Team Festina road bicycle (USA)

Tachyon Super Sport
Takhion Super Sport road racing bicycle (1986-Kharkov, Ukraine, USSR-#238) Late-Soviet Sputnik-like bike found nearby at Recycle-A-Bicycle. Light metalic blue, 53cm (c-t) Columbus tube lugged frame, with original CDTA details.

Takhion TT
Takhion racing bicycles (1984-Kharkov, Ukraine, USSR) A special make from former-USSR, developed by CDTA-BB, Central Design & Technology Agency Bike Building, from 1981 to 1992. Used by cycling teams of Republic Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Kirghizia. Featuring original-patent aluminum, carbon and titanium components. Named for tachyon, a hypothetical subatomic particle that always travels faster than speed of light.

Roadster & Cruiser Bicycles

Crescent roadster bike (1970s-Sweden) Torpedo 3-speed coaster brake, one-piece crank, aluminum rims. Notice how the touring bar has names of racers: Marcel Kint, Anton Schotte, Silvere Maes and Rik Van Steenbergen.

Hero Jet
Hero Jet ladies roadster bicycle (2002-India) Christine brought this from India, all loose parts...

Huffy 3
Huffy 3 roadster bicycle (1970s-USA)

Legnano roadster
Legnano roadster bicycle (c.1970-Italy) Terracotta red, five-speed deraileur, Atala fenders, with one-piece handlebar, stem and brake levers.

MAYAB roadster bicycle (c.1995-Mexico) 1995 - Yucatan 2001 - Gobierno del Estado (State Government) Azteca cicleta celebrates bike-friendly Maya, looks like made in China.

Radsport Frei
Radsport Frei mixte touring bicycle (Switzerland) from a Swiss bike shop, with Shimano Selecta front freewheel drive.

Raleigh DL1 roadster bicycle (1965-England) Last of the great Heron-badged birotate chariots.

Schwinn Spitfire cruiser bicycle (1960s-USA)

Swiss Army military roadster bicycle (1935-Swiss-#50646) black, lugged steel frame, one speed with triple braking system: Torpedo back-pedal coaster, front rod-lever-operated plunger, and rear hand-operated drum, leather case and tool kit, twin license plates: Swiss Army and Bern Canton (BE 86), portable floor pump, rear carrier, wheel lock, 26 x 1-1/2 tires, missing original seatclamp, kickstand, chaincase.

Tek's vegan one-speed roadster bicycle

Road Touring Bicycles

Bianchi road touring bicycle (c.1990-Italy) with steering wheel and deluxe rack.

Bridgestone XO-1
Bridgestone XO-1 touring bicycle (c.1985-Japan) Greg's reliable classic has T.A. triple cranks, 26" (559) wheels, Lepper saddle and cork bar tape.

Cannondale road touring bicycle (2001-USA)

Falcon 531
Falcon road touring bicycle (1980-England-#46796)

Frejus Tour de France touring bicycle (c.1970-Italy-#L370)

Fuji Roubaix-Pro
Fuji Roubaix-Pro road bicycle (2002-Taiwan) Zev has evolved from a Litespeed MTB to this Fuji frame road bike. Reynolds 853 tubing, carbon fork, Shimano 105 27-speed. His single-speed city bike is part that development.

Curt Goodrich
Curt Goodrich road touring bicycle (2002-USA) After the passing of a friend, John Pergolizzi acquired this contemporary classic lugged steel frameset with oversize tubing and twin-plate fork crown. R. Brian Bayliss painted it Bugati Blue, with gold pinstripes outlining elaborate lug work. Nitto Randoneur bars, Pearl stem, Jaguar seat pillar, Brooks Professional saddle, Berthoud saddlebag, T.A. triple crankset & pedals, Shimano bar-end shifting, Paul cantilevers, Campagnolo brake levers, Continental Duraskin tires, Honjo fenders.

Maruishi T-15 touring bicycle (1989-Japan) Equipped with Sugino VT round-chainring triple cranks, Dia-Compe brakes, SunTour derailleurs, downtube shifters, and 5-speed freewheel, SR stem, randonneur bars, seatpost and pedals, Sella Italia anatomic seat, 27 x 1-1/4 inch tires with alloy rims.

Maruishi T-18 Wanderer touring bicycle (1989-Japan) Ishiwata EXO tubing, equipped with Shimano biopace chainring triple cranks, Dia-Compe brakes, Shimano derailleurs, SIS downtube shifters, and 6-speed freewheel, SR stem, randonneur bars, seatpost and pedals, Sella Italia anatomic seat, 27 x 1-1/4 inch tires with alloy rims. Front and rear carrier racks included.

Nishiki cyclo-cross bicycle

Romic road touring bicycle (1980s-Houston USA)

Sogreni Classic City-X 3-speed road touring bicycle (2002-Denmark) Custom design, handmade bicycle from Sogreni in Copenhagen with Fitchel-Sachs Torpedo three-speed coaster brake hub, unique Sogreni chainguard, fenders, leather grips and bell.

Specialized Expedition road touring bicycle (c.1990-USA-JAPAN #L714116)

Zunow road
Zunow road touring bicycle (c.1990-Japan) A rare bird this bike. Zunow Bicycles

Mountain Bikes

Schwinn Excelsior
Schwinn Excelsior original prototype mountain bike (c.1935--1997-USA) Matt assembled this Schwinn Excelsior frame with a prototype Turner Rock Shock fork, T.A. triple crankset, Bontrager 26" re-rolled Mavic MA2 and MA40 rims, Mafac cantilever brakess, Deore shifters, Bullmoose handlebars, Brooks saddle.

Stowe MTB
Stowe mountain bike (1990s-USA)

Folding & Small-Wheel Bicycles

Jacques Anquetil folding bicycle (France)

Baby high wheel bicycle Makes a cute prop, with 26 x 1-3/8" front and 10" rear wheel.

Cyclecide Spirit of 76
Bike Rodeo Heavy-Pedal Cyclecide! The greatest show on earth from San Francisco. Here's the show TOO DUMB TO DIE

Black Label NYC Bucking bike No. 1 (2003-Brooklyn) Mutant bike culture in-the-house with Black Label NYC. This one has eccentric-hub wheels both front (12") and rear (20"), with Nitto track stem, Phillips saddle & good-luck horseshoe headbadge.

Bucking Bike
Black Label NYC Bucking bike No. 2 (2003-Brooklyn) More Mutant bike culture with Black Label NYC. This one has the 24" super eccentric-hub front wheel with fixed-gear 20" rear. It's posing in Taliah's studio for this drawing. I'd like to see you try to ride it.

GT Team Trials Hans Rey
GT Team Trials stunt bicycle (2000-USA) Hans Rey loaned one of his bikes to Taliah for a portrait. It's got a huge 20 x 2.50 rear tire, a tiny trials saddle, a low gear ratio of 23 x 16 teeth, and a distressed bash guard.

Kawasaki BMX
Kawasaki BMX bicycle (c.1975-Japan) Someone out there loves this. Chrome with dual suspension.

Raleigh 20 fixed-gear
Raleigh Twenty fixed-gear bicycle (1970s-England) Zach has this set-up for around town use.

Rudge midget road bicycle (c.1960-England) This puppy has an HCS emblem, from Hill Cycle Shop in Philadelphia. With 20 x 1-3/8" Dunlop tyres and Cinelli stem.

Swift Folder bicycle (2003-USA) Showing the three easy folds.

Swift Folder bicycle (2003-USA) A new prototype frame tested by Steve.