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Track - Fix-Gear & Single-Speed - Cross - Hors Category - Road Racing - Road Touring - Roadster & Cruiser - Folding & Small-Wheels

Here are bicycles we've recycled, assembled, installed, tuned, restored, or just looked at. We are proud to have seen some of the finest cycling machines in the world, and also some of the worst.

These bikes are not for sale here.
They belong to friends and customers.

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Road Touring Bicycles

Johnny Coast road touring bicycle (2009 Brooklyn)

Hetchins Magnum Bonum road touring bicycle (England)

Panasonic DX-2000 road bicycle (1980s, Japan) Aidion has the perfect idea of a clean bike.

Rivendell Bleriot road touring bicycle (2008)

Rivendell Rambouillet road touring bicycle (2009) Ian's lifetime bike, good for rides to Bear Mountain.

Surly Cross Check commuter bicycle (2009) A work in progress.

Trek 520 road touring bicycle Alfredo's classic ride now has brass-plate fenders.

Hors Category Cycles

Bologna cargo bicycle (2009 Brooklyn) Our friend Roberto gots a sweet flat-bed Bologna.

Bologna cargo bicycle (2009 Brooklyn) Paul built this one for himself, a bit longer and lower.

Bologna cargo bicycle (2009 Brooklyn) Our prototype Bologna was made for local transport of Taliah's stuff...

Cycles Maximus cargo tricycle (2009) One of Revolution Rickshaw's cargo bikes, with it's NYC Department of Consumer Affairs pedicab license.

Racycle Pacemaker road bicycle (c.1900 USA) Made by Miami Cycle Company of Middletown, Ohio, with special crank hanger and 40-tooth inch-pitch front sprocket. A kind of restoration has begun...

Jorn Soltoft wheel machine (Horsens, Denmark) Assembly line truing stand No. 6, courtesy of Jamie Swan. The face plate reads: Jorn Soltoft Machine Factory, DK 8700 Horsens, Phone 05621359.

Track Bicycles

Cuevas track bicycle (c.1970 New Jersey?) A chrome frame made by the patron, Francisco Cuevas, with green highlights. With Suntour Superbe Pro cranks, hubs and seatpost. Notice the Olympic bands--blue, yellow, black, green, red--not World Championship bands.

Fuji track bicycle (2009) A special paint and masking job, neon green on right side, hot pink on left. Plus there's the black and white accents, with some blue and gold components.

Timothy Hardy 650c track bicycle (2008 Brooklyn) His first frame made at school of Yamaguchi.

Hetchins Magnum Bonum track bicycle (England #27574) Currently with Sturmey-Archer 3-speed coasterbrake hub, and Ghisallo wood clincher rims.

Moth track bicycle (2007, Taiwan) Almost pronounced dead, this frame was fixedup by our young Wrench, Aidion, showing his cleverness.

Vitus track bicycle (1980, France)

Fixed-Gear & Single-Speed Bicycles

Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta fixed-gear bicycle (2009 Brooklyn)

Euro-Asia Bareknuckle coaster-brake single-speed bicycle (2008 Italy)

Peugeot single-speed road bicycle (c.1980 France) Brilliant green with black headlugs, clean graphics and salt'n pepper wheels, matching coffee-color bars, saddle, toptube and wood splashguard.

Schindelhauer Viktor single-speed bicycle (2009 Germany) With belt-drive and coaster-brake.

Schwinn Paramount single-speed road bicycle (Chicago)

Soma Rush fixed gear bicycle (2009)

Strawberry single-speed road bicycle (c.1993, Portland)
Made by Andy Newlands with Reynolds 531 tubing and wishbone seatstays.

Vivalo single-speed track bicycle (Japan) A custom build with ninety-degree seat tube.

Road Racing Bicycles

Benotto road bicycle (1980, Italy)

Cannondale CAAD9 road racing bicycle (USA)

Colnago road bicycle (Italy)

Gazelle decals road bicycle (c.1990) Aidion's unknown Columbus-tube frame with custom paint and Gazelle decals.

Guerciotti road bicycle (Italy)

Hetchins Magnum Opus road bicycle (England) Reynolds 531 tubing with Phase II lug pattern. With Cinelli stem, Universal brakes, Brooks saddle, Stronglight cranks, Simplex derailleurs and Airlight hubs.

Look 555 road racing bicycle (France)

Marinoni road racing bicycle (Quebec, Canada)

Peter Mooney road bicycle (Belmont Wheelworks, MA)

Peugeot Competition 2000 road bicycle (France)

Trek 600 Series road bicycle (1980s USA) Restored with Joe Bell finish and Bike Works TLC.

Lance's 2009 Trek Livestrong road racing bicycles (2009 USA) Went to see a preview of the "art bikes" Lance Armstrong rode this season. The one with pink rims and butterflies by Damian Hirst was ridden in the final stage of the Tour de France. And more...

Roadster & Cruiser Bicycles

Bologna Blender fixed-gear roadster bicycle (2009 Brooklyn)

Bologna Bullet fixed-gear roadster bicycle (2009 Brooklyn)

Bologna Metro Speedster bicycle (2009 Brooklyn)

Knight Proformer freestyle BMX bicycle

Raleigh Sports roadster bicycle (England)

SE Racing Quadangle Looptail freestyle bicycle (2008 Philadelphia)

Folding & Small-Wheel Bicycles

Bridgestone Picnica folding bicycle (Japan)

Moulton MK3 roadster bicycle (c.1972 England)

Raleigh Twenty fixed-gear bicycle (1970s, England) Omri's conversion is sporty, compact and pratical.

Retro Red Radio Flyer fixed-gear bicycle (2008 China)

Zport folding bicycle (2008, NYC)