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Triumph Coolcat advert

Road Touring - Custom Wheels - Track, Fixie & Single-Speed - Off-Road - Road Sport - Hors Category - Roadster & Cruiser - Folding & Small-Wheels

Here are bicycles we've recycled, assembled, installed, tuned, restored, or just looked at. We are proud to have seen some of the finest cycling machines in the world, and also some of the worst. These bikes belong to customers, friends, family and others.

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Update Sunday, 22 December 2019
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Road Touring Bicycles

DC JC road bicycle (c.1980) This one needed rear fender eyelets.

Frejus road bicycle (1980s)

Bridgestone XO-1 road touring bicycle (1994, Japan)

Raleigh International road bicycle (c.1972, England)

Rudge Pathfinder road bicycle (1950s, England)

Schwinn Sports Tourer road bicycle (1970s, Chicago)

Soma Wolverine road touring bicycle (2016)

Trek lugged 650b road touring bicycle (1980s, USA)

Vignolles Super road bicycle (c.1970, France?)

Custom Wheels

Campagnolo Pista sealed-bearing hub (c.1985)

Chris King ISO Flo-tor disc clincher wheel (vintage-2016)

Track, Fixie & Single-Speed Bicycles

Aero fixie bicycle (2015)

Atala Pista fixed-gear bicycle (c.1975, Italy)

Only stickered single speed bicycle (2015)

Pelizzoli track frame (2015, Italy)

Surly Cross Check single-speed bicycle (c.2008)

Tribe Crmo single-speed bicycle (2015) Oyvey!

Yoyodyne Propulsion track tandem bicycle (c.1995, France/USA)

Off-Road Bikes

Bruce Gordon mountain bike (1980s, Petaluma, CA)

Ritchey Ascent Comp mountain bike (1980s)

Hors Category Cycles

Bologna cargo bicycle (2008, Brooklyn)

Madsen carrier bicycle (2012)

Yuba Spicey Curry cargo e-bike (c.2015)

Road Sport Bicycles

Benotto 24-inch road bicycle (c.1975, Italy)

Fuji Club road bicycle (c.1985)

GT Edge Aero road TT bicycle (2012)

Iverson Decathlon 76 Olympic road bicycle (1976)

Kinesis Race Light road bicycle (2016)

Litespeed Classic road bicycle (2005)

Medici Pro Strada road bicycle (c.1984, Los Angeles)

Pinarello SLX road bicycle (c.1990, Italy)

Softride road bicycle (c.2000, USA)

Ti Cycles road bicycle (c.1990?, USA)

Le Velo de Mercier road bicycle (c.1985, France)

Roadster & Cruiser Bicycles

Chopper-style roadster bicycle (1980s)

Raleigh DL-1 roadster bicycle (1950s, England)

Raleigh Sports roadster bicycle (c.1972, England)

Surly Cross Check child carrier bicycle (c.2010)

Tape-Wrapped ATB bicycle (c.2001)

Folding & Small-Wheel Bicycles

Bridgestone Picnica folding bicycle (c.1990, Japan)

Bridgestone Picnica folding bicycle (c.2000, Japan)

Dahon Speed TR folding bicycle (2014, Taiwan)

Moulton Mk III roadster bicycle (c.1970, England)